Religions locations after release

Ok 2.4 and sipta out of ea …,

Soo now, i am blind or what, i assumed that recipes for religions now should drop from priests of that religion but only one that drops it, is set priest near siptah ascension… (eyes of set) maked surge drop 3 aesir priests T4 ( did not got shard of ymir ) went to singleplayer , summoned random surges, none of them dropped any recipe for religion, even setites… only place of only one recipe is siptah ascension, so how to get other recipes then? without buying them by points?

I got couple of tablets of derketo from priests and chests from camps those priests spawn, but I’m guessing droprates are on a slim side

Get ymir at the dusk isle on the side near shallowlands in the build where accursed r and axe of the adventurer… ot top of that building spawns named ymir priest, kill him an use the shard he drops

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