Siptah recipes + Exile recipes

HI um, i try to start with problem, and explain thing . Later i will go to questions.

Like i play siptah now on 4 official server in row, reasons was other players. or some weird bugs that after some patchfixes my char was reseted… Well but now on thing - based i changed servers i started new characters also, but well there started problems. I know for sure the first week i started when siptah was released, i got 2 recipes : ( godbreaker from fiend vault and tablet of power ) but now seems i cant get it anymore… anywhere

so now straight to questions

  1. Where i can get these recipes (Godbreaker armour/ warmaker bulk plates/ bind of dead/ tablet of power)
  2. How many total recipes i can get from tower like i already wasted 300+ stones but cant get more than 27 … could be nice to know if 27 is max or something more…

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