Any tips on how to gather resources?

hi, im new and need some tips on how to gather large quantities of materials fast

Yeah always add tool upgrade kits to your tools.

Get a horse- thats your inventory to start with.You can stack 1k for each box with wood and stone. Thats 10k btw.

Check your expertise line- bonuses to tools, nodes and resource bonus,

Cap expertise and you can move at full speed with no weight restrictions but you will walk if you mount a horse.

Get to Star metal or level 55 to learn it. Later on you can upgrade those too.

Loot boxes- some drop anywhere from 250-500 per item. Also has a chance at rare items like grey lotus flowers and seeds.

End game youll be getting 10k in 5-10min depending on your build.

I would like to add getting a t4 bearer to that as they can carry a lot and still stand in a fight. A t3 bearer is not bad either. Also elephants and non-mount rhinos have good carry capacity.

Look up the interactive map to see spawn locations.

The spell to gather resources is pretty instantaneous I recommend this. I tested this out and was able to gather a tonne of resources in minutes.

Also, select the attribute that gives you the efficient harvesting perk. This allows you to chop a tree down in only 2 to 3 hits instead of 5 hits. That is also quicker.

When over encumbered you can simply remove your bracelet and die, spawn back at your base, then use the summoning circle to bring your dead body back to your base, resources and all. It is much quicker this way than doing the long walk home.

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The resource collecting spell is pretty great. I think you get less resources per node than if you used say, a star metal tool on them, but you can harvest the entire area around you in seconds. If you’re not being picky about which particular resource you’re gathering, you’ll have your inventory, your horse and whatever packmule follower you brought with you loaded up in no time.

I guess the nature of useful advice will depend on how new you are.

The very basic things:

  • have the right tool for the job. Better tools harvest faster, so once you level up enough to unlock iron tools, try to make some of those. So get a pick for stone and iron, hatchet for wood, sickle for plant fibre, etc.
  • When you level up, put Attribute points to Expertise. There are some perks you can unlock that seriously speed up harvesting. You can also carry more stuff.
  • Set up base near a good selection of resources. Scout out for areas where there’s a good supply of wood, stone, iron, and maybe other useful resources (such as NPCs you can turn into thralls or zombies) nearby.
  • A thrall or pet will help you carry stuff. Even something as simple as a deer can carry a lot of stuff. Just be careful so as not to try to fight anyhing too strong with a low-level pet.
  • At higher levels, a pickaxe is a great tool that combines a pick and a hatchet. This helps you harvest bark (fuel for tanners and dryers) and resin (needed for higher-tier construction materials) from normal trees.

This might be too obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it… be aware that building a base too near a resource will cause it to not respawn.

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learn sorcery and build it up

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