Anybody happy about the resource changes for Palisades?

I think it is better shaped wood is fairly easy to get, twines too.
Glad I no longer need to make spikes and then palisades.

But in general I don’t care since both are easy enough to get

So that I get my 3rd strike and be perma banned from here? Heck no :smiley: :smiley:

And this is also a change. We are just nit-picking currently if a palisade should be made out of shaped wood, shaped wood SPIKES (which would be a new item) or just spikes :smiley:

@UltraViolent NOTHING is, what it is. Best example the movement system. The outcry was so big, that Funcom listened.
The same with the “balance” of the LBS. If enough people were against it, maybe Funcom would change…
But most people didnt even see the change of the item. Same with palisades…

This are this “stealth nerfs” , where NOTHING is mentioned at the changelog. Good question why such things are not mentioned…
Or in a strange way, like for the palisades:

  • The recipe for Spikes and Palisades has changed and should now be much easier to build.

Easier to build if you need more mats :wink:

Edit: Oh, the best part of the changelog is: Spikes recipe didnt change AT ALL!! :smiley: :smiley:

Don’t fool yourself. FunCom deliberately over tuned the speed at which you start moving because they knew malcontents would complain in full force. Then, to quell the noise they tumed it back to where they had planed it to be all along. In effect, they changed nothing other then what they planned to do all along.

They changed nothing with the roll, nothing with horses, nothing with thralls. Only change was acceleration, something I knew they were going to change all along.

Whats funny is now you think you won.

They did exactly what i said they were going to do in another thread.

I dont think it was like this… Watch the last stream with Alex. To this day, he always seems quite honest in the streams. Often to honest or telling as to much (so I hope the management didnt complain about him).

Which many are fine with. Me too… Maybe the light armor people are unhappy about it… But as you are for some time un-damageable while you roll, I find it quite neat.

Watch the last stream. Alex WANTS to pull a thrall behind the horse.

But yeah, it would be great if the mount would be a damn mount and not count as a follower/companion.

Yeah, lesser RNG in some perks would be great…

No, I just said they listened… I still play daily and only in the base or when gathering rocks, I dont have that much of this slow windup-speed.

I am still against the 55-100 follower limit cap… If Funcom makes that higher or not at all, then I would feel I have “won” :wink:

Good point, people complain for the sake of complaining.

Again, you miss out that SPIKES were made of branches and this were used to MAKE the palisades…

Oh and got the boy little bit offended… dude chill :smiley: :smiley:

To hell with the cost of palisades - I see that crafting cost of tinfoil hats is still low as ever. ^^ Everything’s as usual in the world.


The best one I’ve heard was that “Funcom releases updates with bugs on purpose, to maintain a level of interest through controversy”. :man_facepalming:


I have so many useless branches now… nothing is worse than a bearer pack full of branches now…

I asked about this last week and everyone was like oh no its better and easier but hey guess what finally others are seeing its not better, not cheaper at all.

Everyone one was oh its easy to get to level 10 so you can make a carpenter bench and can make shaped wood but my point was its not cheaper at all and why the changes, why but no answer and all I got for the question was crap how easy it was to get to that level.

So again its is not easier , it is not cheaper and there was no reason but to make it harder for newbies.

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Well really some times you have to wonder at the bugs that get let out , some times its like like wth did they even think of the problems or the cost or many many questions when it comes to why they let out bugs that well come on its like did they even try this other then to spawn it in and go it works, its so frustrating.

Wow, if I’d known that stating my opinion in a neutral manner was going to get me called out for “giving you crap” I’d have just kept my mouth shut.


Excuse me , did I say a name hell I did not even care who it was or anything other then people made sure to advise me that it was easy to get to level 10 so not to sweat the easy nerfs. Do not take my comment personal it was not made at you or anyone or I would have stated a name, it was an observation that people thought it so easy to get to level 10 the nerf was no big deal.

That’s a brilliant one; now I can’t stop imagining Funcom’s scrum meetups happening without them singing stonecutters’ song and planning various secret Masonic things. ^^

Branching back to the topic at hand, I hope that they’ll soon to through with Alex’s promised rebalancing of economy; all current changes feel ad-hoc, like they’re all temporary before a big change. I’d welcome that; lots of materials are currently underused and clutter up the space. Looking at you, leather. ^^

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You specifically linked to my post dude.

Most people here are “pros”.
Pros: they know what they do. Are long level60 and have plenty of resources.

Because a beginner would see that different. Same with going to the north <lvl20.

Yeah… And that the changelog even says, its easier now :smiley: :smiley:

I preferred them made out of branches… the diarrhea of bearer packs…


At first I was like why did they do that?
Well it wasn’t like I was totally against it, but when I began to think about how much I have always hated these palisades, I mean there was nothing worse than coming to a big base suddenly noticing you and/or your follower taking damage from something invisible, and then suddenly hundreds of them starting to spawn in all around you.
Sometimes they killed players and or their followers and in rare cases you suddenly found yourself fenced by them.

In my opinion they were a very cheap defense even in early stages, just looking at the noob river on the server I play on the bases are littered with these spiked defense, I would actually see them raise the cost of them by a lot more and perhaps even a limit on them like thralls because they are all over the place.

People say beginners need some cheap defense, but in my opinion they do not, they start out in an area with very little danger and purges are far up the their road… The more I think about it, I believe they are one of the big causes of lag and delayed base spawns, so I would be happy to see a lot less of them :slight_smile:

I stop using them since the game is able to stand out of reach and break them from afar with ease.

On Ps4 anyway, the cost to make them has always been… WTF?
several sticks and some rope cost insane amount of sticks?

Before you could place, and make path ways, they would have go thru, and this would in turn take a few out, or weaken them.
Now? The AI just attacks closest ones and works there way thru them to the base. They rarely take damage from them inless you place mid-fight around them.

I don’t think i’ve gotten kill from them… in months? Maybe at all this year? I still place them, but 1st archer to show up in a fight will snipe it. lol.

I think Spider purge I had, was only ones to walk past and take damage since there size, compared to how AI moves them about map basiclly lets them take hits.


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