So another change that is not in the patch notes: Why change it and why is it again not out in the open?

Another recipe change. Simple Pallasade used to take 5 spikes, one spike took 5 branches. Now Simple Pallasade takes 10 Shaped wood.

So new players or low level players could before make Pallasades early in game to help to protect their bases, their chests, themselves from be it other higher level players or the purge. Now you can not make them until you can make a carpenters bench at level 10 if I remember right.

Why is it that every update, every patch, every DLC things are nerfed or changed and many of them we have no idea till we go to make something and the recipe is changed. I mean so Funcom wants to change the recipe for something to make it harder to get, its sure does seem like they want to make it much harder for new or restarting players, why not just say so. Then at least when we go to our benches we have two clues what takes what to make it now.

It’s really not that hard to hit level 10 and make shaped wood. Think they were just simplifying the recipe a little bit.

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i’m pretty sure they said they changed the pallisade.

but… lvl 10 is far to easy to get…
they also changed the fences and now even t1 fence is imposible to climb which only costs 3 wood and 18 stone…


Yup, quoting the patch notes on Steam, listed under “Building and placeables fixes”:

The recipe for Spikes and Palisades has changed and should now be much easier to build.


ty missed that in the patch notes

Thank you for saying it was in the patch notes, I guess I missed that sorry but as for Lvl 10 being to easy to get , guess that depends on what setting and what mods you have installed lol.

Honestly, with how easy it is to reach the early journey steps and how much XP you get for them you can get to level four or five before you even get out of the starting desert on default settings with no mods and getting to ten from there isn’t much harder. Even when I try to take it slow with a new exile, I still end up hitting level ten within my first fifteen minutes or so without even realizing it.

…Though then again I’ve also been playing the game for a couple years at this point, too.

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As someone that agrees that this survival game isn’t much of a survival game (it is incredibly easy and super forgiving, even more so to the PvE player) but was very much against the momentum/movement change for player characters, I am going to be overly forgiving of other small adjustments they try to make the game more challenging (and streamlined as the patch notes indicate was the intent).

I can see why people may get annoyed with some recipe adjustments, specially if they appear to cost more, but just remember, its not nearly as bad as being permanently hamstrung like we were for a week after the patch first came out.

Also, some recipe balancing can come as a big positive. I can’t confirm, but I do believe during the stream, they alluded to cutting down on stone costs for many recipes as scale of stone and other really obnoxiously low tier but mass farming you have to do, to streamline game play better.

I’d say lighten up on the small changes like this (i understand thats subjective and I don’t mean to devalue your point) but there will be more adjustments to the player’s positive game play wise or just via upping the difficulty of a already fairly simple game, and when it comes to game changes, as this last patch has shown, there are other changes that need far more weight and input from the player base.

other then that sticks are earlier access then sticks, once you actually get there, I’d argue the shaped wood is easier and quicker to throw together then the sticks to spikes and then spikes to palisades. I personally think i like it better this way, save that I hardly use the placement, so not terribly effected either way.

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