How many crafting benches am I gonna need

Wow, I gotta re-design my base for all these crafting stations. This is a big change. Funcom please give us more feat points per level. I don’t believe there was enough to begin with. Also I’m kinda on the fence with this new update, I don’t mind things being changed up but this seems like some pretty big changes that have been implemented…almost. What gives with the ichor vs. resin as it pertains to stone consolidation? in my opinion, if were talking economy the tar needed a change. I end up with boxes and boxes full of leather because I need tar to make steel fire, that has not changed but now fish seem largely useless as dried wood is a more efficient fuel than oil and now I do not need ichor. I could no longer lay fish traps in shallow water anyway but in some cases could lay them in sand near water. (not fixed) so what good are fish traps? Just a waste of feat points. You did not fix anything you made it useless but left it in-game. So now all the dead wood areas of the map will become prime real estate because you need a crap ton of bark to dry your wood so you can make resin (only to put the resin back into the wood to make insulated wood !!!)

That being said, I have named alchemists that give no benefit whatever. This according to the patch notes is being resolved via hotfix. Okay well you knew it was an issue, you have a fix (maybe), don’t roll out a huge change like that when you already know the problems and the fix.

So again more issues have been created than fixes. How many times must players give feedback regarding this apparent in-balance in process before things change? I believe there are a large contingent of players who would like to see some fixes of nagging issues before we would like to see huge changes to mechanics. Again, I am all for being dynamic with the game as opposed to being stagnant but sheesh you still have ppl who have paid good money for your product who cannot even use it due to the FLS whole thing, now you’re making sweeping changes to… ah well, deaf ears suppose. I digress, carry on , consider me “vented”.


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