Suggestion for "cleaning" the "hand workbench"

The menu of “hand workbench” is overcrowded.

Can we transfer “Treasures” craft back to construction hammer?
And also 'pet skins" - they took almost 2/3 of inventory. Can they be transfered to their own bench.

Pretty please.


I definitely agree, the handcrafted menu should only be the basic tools, basic wraps, potion (maybe), and the campfire. Stuff you need to survive but not thrive. Everything else can be moved to a bench.


Menu options are available.

I know that is for a crafting bench but all crafting menus have the option.

Not saying the on hand crafting menu doesn’t need work, but I don’t think I want funcom fixing it.

Sad, but true. But also sad.


Even using the menus, I don’t like how it works.

Putting those extraneous things in a bench means those materials can be stored in and around the bench and I don’t need to pull them into my inventory to craft them.

On the subject of Funcom fixing this, it would be a simple datatable edit, moving a recipe to another station (handcrafting is considered a station in this). Its something I could probably do with a mod very quickly. And I would if the items in question were not DLC/BP/Bazaar items. Which modders cannot touch.

I have no recourse but to ask Funcom to move them to a bench for the QoL changes I’d like to have.

Have you checked the decay timer on your base? That is a simple server setting, guess what?

Yes, I’d like to see everything sorted from the on hand crafting menu to their proper bench; maybe even make a new one, animal keeper.

But I think people can understand why I’m gun shy about funcom messing with the menus.


I support moving forward, I’m not going to be like that guy asking for CE classic with no updates.


But then we’d probably need yet another 2x3 workbench in our bases just to create cosmetically altered rhinos.

I don’t know if there’s a good solution to this, every opinion is right. Yet i believe that what @Selene01 suggested years ago should come forth one day and become the solution.
All the survival gear or items should be top of list. Bedrolls, campfires, (weak) aloe potions, bandages, torches and twine should be TOP. Then tools and primitive weapons. Silk and all the rest may follow, they are secondary use, the player has no rush in these situations :woman_shrugging:t4:.
And bring back the ghost on weak aloe extract please, allow me to handle my weight correctly when i start a character!


If someone like to get pets and dye them, I’m sure they will find place for it.

Also, devs can make it small one like “clan emblem bench”. And use already existing assets.

Do they show up if you don’t have the DLC/Bazaar purchase in question?

Instead of more workbenches, or cluttering the existing workbenches further, I’d still like to see proper tabs in the crafting menus, with things neatly organized under them. A bit like the filters we have now, which aren’t actually useless, but could do with some more refining.


Oh yes please. I’d love to be able to filter to medium armor only, or feet pieces only, or…any number of ways to filter that go beyond which DLC something came from which, to me, is just about useless.

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Funcom could always add a small basin that functions as an animal war paint bench. Design it so it snaps to the any of the animal pens