Anybody knows what counts as Undead in game?

Anybody knows what counts as Undead in game? I have Walter Mallone with 5% dmg against undead but agent switcher doesnt swap to him when I target zombies or mummies for example. He is level 34 so the 5% damage ability is unlocked.

Do you have the newest version of AgentSwitcher?


Mummy, Draug, Zombie, Jiang-Shi, (and deathless as well I think)

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I didn’t but the issue persists.

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suspect it will work when level 50


Thanks, just saw it in the text document.

I noticed in the Species List that Lynch is listed as the agent needed for Undead. Could it be that Jack Mallone isn’t implemented in the latest version?

Yeah that could be. Can’t remember if that was the case with the writing contest agent with dmg against vampires so I have to wait :smiley:

You should let SecretFox know. Might be able to do something about it or give you info

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