Anyone having trouble for purge to happen in single game? Isle of siptah (solved)

I am playing in single game. My purge has been full for while now and nothing is happening. Anyone have this problem? I am on Siptah.

Check the purge settings. By default it only happens in certain timeframes so you might be outside of these time brackets.

And if this is your first Siptah purge than make sure you’re ready lol. I’m on 2 different servers with mates and all of our first purges have been accursed and are absolutely no joke. Star metal weapons, heavy armour lots of t3 and named fighters and they hit HARD. If your base is t1 stuff your going to get smashed up pretty good.

tks guys. Looks like my first purge going to be fun. lol Will check my settings. Hope it works.

Well guys my settings are good and still no purge. I don’t know what to do.

Guys can you tell me if this is why I am not getting a purge. Do you need a certain amount of foundations to be eligible for a purge? If so how many?

Not sure but someone say 9 foundation plus a few wall would be able trigger it. If I take my greater wheel of pain with maproom build it a 8x8 foundation base and 6 wall high.
Could the problem be the location? Does siptah have a no purge zone?

I did not get the purge yet as I am not in game but I found the info that basically tells me why I was not getting the purge. You need to have at least 92 pieces of foundations or walls or ceilings that makes a total of 92 pieces.

Got my first purge so it was about not enough building pieces. Got lucky with my purge got two name fighters one of them unique. Kunar is his name.

It’s the number of building pieces which is 92 but need to be connected. As far as I know there is special place in Siptah.

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