Two questions one on building other the purge

Ok guys The black ice building on isle of siptah is that the strongest against purges? Also we know that you have to have at least 92 pieces of building for the purge to come. When you get the purge and they destroy a certain amount of pieces of building and you don’t have 92 pieces anymore. Does that mean there wont be another purge until that number reaches 92 again? tks guys

All T3 building pieces have the same health.

A building needs to have 92 pieces to be eligible for purge. AFAIK, if you have no eligible buildings, you won’t get purged, but your purge meter will still grow.

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I remember making a vertical cave hanging base that had 3 pillars and about 30 ceiling tiles…imagine my surprise when the purge happened in it at the very top. Really not much left as once they took the pillar out, there goes the entire floor.


Yeah, that’s the thing with the purge: if it can’t find a path to your base, it’ll spawn inside it. Not pretty.


@CodeMage , Especially for tree houses. One of the greatest reasons I don’t do tree house anymore is this one. I believe that it would be really fair to have purge from archers with explosion arrows or fighters with orbs, than spawn inside the house. Yet some builds are so difficult to be reached by purge and archers and that is the only excuse I give to this nusty function. You can always build some things in the ground and then extend to unreachable builds, yet it is a risk, if the mechanics decide to spawn inside you will loose a lot, so the risk is great, for now I’ll keep building on open places and on the ground to avoid surprises. I hate to loose crafters.


I think the way around it is to have a piece of the base reachable by the purge such as tree house has one anchor spot that touches the ground.


@Sir.Henry.Vale , Well you can always put an animal pen or a wheel of pain, a religion etc… to draw purge attention, yet what guarantee do I have that it ain’t going to spawn inside the tree house? I cannot risk crafters, or better I don’t want to, my most precious thing in the game is them, say it’s an old habit, since they are not ultra necessary anymore, but for me it will always be no matter what.

That is a placeable. I think the way purges are set up is based on anchor pieces. I seen purges pass my placeables like its not there.


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