Anyone remember the old Fanta Billboards?

Anyone remember the old Fanta Billboards? Does anyone have any screenshots? I thought those were pretty cool in a sci-fi universe. Also, not a bad way to support a game, as it was done well and blended in with the environment.

For games such as Funcom’s Anarchy Online, an exclusive deal was struck whereby those paying to play the game online will not see the advertising, but free play will be sponsored. Davis said he believes the advertising is popular with gamers, and that Anarchy players have photographed their in-game avatars posed by in-game billboards and sent them to friends

Only pic I can find:


I remember billboards for lil wayne and not knowing who that was.

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Wow I did not know this was a thing

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I had advertising toggled off so I never saw ads.

This was a video for the film Devil



Billboards were the sole reason why my audio is kept disabled. If i remember right, the volume was auto adjusted to how close you were to them. But sometimes for me the volume got stuck to 11 and couldn’t fix it unless you relogged. :frowning: