Shop Ads on login. Shop Ads upon zoning on Rk2019

We have come to the point now where we have to see forced shop ads upon login and while zoning on Rk2019.

Do you really think this inspires confidence in the game or is making anyone interested in purchasing more?

It makes me want to take my keyboard and throw it at a wall and walk away.

This is a big push of the envelope here funcom. ■■■■■■■ off loyal subscribers with this greed is going to backfire.

Since the last patch, I’ve also had the item shop window pop up after logging in, but only once per character. Zoning or relogging didn’t pop up the shop again for me. EDIT: today it pops up again…

I think/hope this is not intended. Maybe tag this thread as a bug report?

Was mid kite yesterday, and it popped up.

No zoning, logging in or anything. Just seemingly completely random.

This may happen till 00:00.

Had this on the regular server when zoning to SL.

It’s definitely both servers. It makes a datestamp to keep from popping up more than once a day, per character. It appears on zoning or login, but I haven’t seen it any other time.

Is advertising in the launcher really not enough? We already see that even more often, unless we’re staying logged in more than 24 hours at a stretch. What possible benefit could there be to advertising subscriptions upon login to a server that requires an active subscription in the first place? And without even explaining any details of the pictured benefits?

It does not check whether you’re zoning or logging into a hostile area where there may be something you need to see immediately behind that huge block of nag screen right in the center of your view. It also requires a mouse click on an X button to close it, not just a quick tap of the Escape key.

This is, imho, a significant step backward in “quality of life”. Displaying the same ad to every character every day is inexcusable. Failure to check whether this popup is likely to get the character killed is inexcusable. Not immediately closing with the Escape key is inexcusable.

I haven’t found a means of blocking the popup yet, but now I’m going to have to waste my limited game time on that until/unless FC backs off on this pointless annoyance.


Most annoying is that throws up 3 windows that need to be closed.

Why do I get the daily window when it’s no longer applicable?

And the shop window popping up for subscribers is just nasty.

If you prefer using the keyboard over the mouse, it’s an option to bind a key to the store window:

Then you can close the shop by pressing that key. In my example I used CTRL-S. It’s still very annoying to have to do it, but hopefully this is useful to someone.


I use Ctrl-Alt-I for the Item Shop window because I wanted something I couldn’t possibly hit by accident and cause the client to halt for a second while it loads Awesomium and renders the shop. I only want that coming up when I actually want to check the shop for holiday freebies. Although, now I guess it’s going to waste that second anyway, taking that little bit longer to log in.

Binding a key to close the Item Shop, or even a macro (/close ItemStore) is better than nothing, but most other windows have a simple toggle for whether or not they close with Escape. Hitting Escape to make some unwanted window go away is a reflex. Hitting a selected “close the item shop” key on every login is a pointless annoyance.

If only there were an “auto_login” script like SWL. I tried the same here, but it didn’t work. I don’t suppose anyone knows of a script name that is automatically run at login?


This is unecessarily irritating and intrusive, especially for those of us wil multiple characters that log them around a lot. I’m hoping it’s just a bug and the next patch will sort it out. If not, I sincerely hope FC will reconsider this annoyance. I hate the Item Shop with a passion and having it forced in my face all the time erodes my remaining good faith in the game.


The absolutele WORST is when it auto-opens in your face in the middle of your UI as you ding a milestone level in the middle of a fight. Yeah thanks, block my visuals for the intense combat I’m madly chain-healing the tank in to shove your sodding shop in my face :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It is intended that you would get a popup at certain level milestones (such as 25), as well as the shop popping up once per character login per day. It also might happen if you’re playing at midnight (local time) and then zone.

It is not intended that you get shop popups multiple times per day when zoning, dying, or just playing (without leveling to one of the milestones).

We’re looking into reports of the latter. Thanks!

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Is there any chance this could be reconsidered?

I get why it might seem a good idea to do after reaching a milestone, to make explorer packs more visible, but in practice this means showing a screen-covering, lag-causing popup while we’re fighting. This is just a terrible idea.

Right after logging in it would be reasonable to assume we’re not in a fight, which makes it less bad. But every day, on every account, on every character? That’s far too extreme.

Maybe the next step is a “Congratulations - you are the 1000000th visitor!” popup on the forums? :rage:


When more vets return in June for anniversary this is going to become a serious fiasco.

This is damn annoying for fr00bs as well :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: every day, on every alt, and sometimes during a fight (froobs are paper tanks!)


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: /me doesnt like this!


I really don’t like this. Reminds me of some of the loud annoying video ads on billboards.

We pay for this game. We pay a lot actually. I use the shop for various things as well. I plan on buy a substantial amount of tokens soon.

Leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.


Nobody wastes time programming this kind of thing unless it’s planned to be used for more than simple fc store stuff.

I think it is just tacky and annoying. Make things feel “cheap”. Having things shoved in your face and told to buy is not pleasant.

I didn’t mind the things like the billboards, actually. They integrated into the game environment and were not intrusive. If you’ve got to run ads, that was a good way. If they replaced the popup with ads on the billboards, I’d be happy.


I had to add to my pihole’s blacklist. Shop still opens, but loads blank page instead of the lag causing bloat.

Most likely adding: in to a hosts -file will do the same trick

( down side, no FC shop… but who cares … no lag bloat!)