Anything out there like Conan Exiles?

Hello everyone.
A few days ago i started playing Conan Exiles for the first time, I’m taking my time, trying to learn as i go and just explore the game’s world.

Besides the fact that the game takes place in the Conan’s universe and mythos, which i love since i was a kid with all the movies and a few comics, but i wonder when the times comes and i feel like moving on to other pastures if there is any other game(s) similar to this one, where we can explore both on a surface level and underground level, a survival game with a vibe like or close to this one, medieval/dark age vibe.
I don’t mind at all if that game is 100% single player, i tried to look for good or popular survival games but some i had tried already and never got my attention like Ark, Rust and a few others.

If anyone has some suggestions i would be thankful.

I’ve played the demo and am waiting on Enshrouded. And hoping the have it optimized, the demo was a GPU eater.

If you’re in to dinos and ugly games with janky mechanics, ARK. Although I’m told ARK: Ascended is pretty, if you have the GPU to push it.

Grounded is nice but but modern scifi, shrunk kids in a back yard, 1-4 players.
Small land is about small folk, fairy’s, in the big world. Fun survival builder with a story line, but a bit claustrophobic for me.

But other games like Conan exiles don’t do too well.

I bought Ark to play with my friends. I got bored and stopped playing.
Why? Because there are only dinos (and a few mammals and weird creatures), no humans. About its lore? I still prefered playing with the multiple civilizations Conan had to offer.
The reproductive system to get better stats was interesting in Ark, the caves were beautiful, but the dungeons and gameplay in general… it’s all about animals.
I felt like a shepherd rather than a warrior :face_exhaling:

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Sadly, no other game combines base building with NPCs like Conan Exiles does. There are many other base building games, but often the player is alone or requires other players or includes animals but not human NPCs. To truly build “your empire” or equip your base with defenders or give your base that ‘living feeling’, the only game that comes close seems to be Medieval Dynasty (an indie game that lets you establish your “dynasty” and populate your pre-fab village). But again, Conan Exiles is much further developed both in its building system and human NPCs.

So, if Funcom ever develops an advanced Conan Exiles 2.0 perhaps in Unreal Engine 5… a sequel to Conan Exiles that we have today… well, that would be something to behold.


Dune should be coming soon. I would venture to say it will be close

I actually don’t think it will be, per the description on the website:

Rise from survival to dominance in a vast and seamless Arrakis shared by thousands of players. Dune: Awakening combines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of a large, persistent multiplayer game to create a unique and ambitious Open World Survival MMO.

Keyword missing: sandbox, Keywords included: MMO. For the PVP crowd, it does look like it has a lot to offer, but as a PVE player, Conan fan and modder, I have to admit I have no interest based on the marketing releases around Dune. I’ll be sticking with CE until there is a CE2 personally. Now, if it’s just bad marketing descriptions, then I may check it out, but if I have to play with everyone else on a public server in an MMO environment and PVP is required, count me out for sure.


Yaaaaa go say that on the Dune discord.

Heavily modded Skyrim or Fallout 4😋

A bit out there, but Subnautica is excellent if you like discovering lore and “what happened”. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi but it gave me the same feeling of exploration and piecing together stories and lore that Conan Exiles did. Granted 5 years later and I’m -still- discovering things in Conan that I’ve never come across before.

there’s a new game called Pax Dei that just had their alpha, if you know who Asmondgold is go look up his experience with it, him and 200 of his subscribers made a giant castle and town in a week for the test live, was pretty wild. Im definatley getting it when it comes out, most of the survival mechanics are exactly like Conan except the setting is European dark ages.

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7 Days to Die was my game before I started playing Conan. I do not think 7D2D is the better choice though, especially since that game’s devs are actively veering it away from crafting/survival toward looter/shooter.

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Smalland is looking promising. Still in EA though.

Personally, I’m waiting for Ark 2. They did a great job with toothpicks and a basement for the original. It’s a very impressive game for the budget and man hours. I can’t wait to see what they can do with a AAA budget. Sadly it’ll be a bit and will likely need time to balance out. However, I feel like it’ll be amazing.

There is a game called SCUM that is going to be adding an NPC system. It’s far better then Conan Exiles.

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Again, this is not a sandbox, but an MMO. And shootouts play a big role there.

A full replacement for CE is only CE itself in the form of new mod maps, IMHO.

SCUM is a lot more customizable then most people realize. You can absolutely play it as a Sandbox and you can remove the guns, leaving only bows and melee weapons.

Dune is already on Xbox it’s rts and it’s crap. It like command & conquer and nothing like conan exiles.

That’s another Dune game. There’s a XBOX rts game "Dune: Spice Wars:

And there’s this game still in development, Dune: Awakening, which may (may!) be similar to Conan Exiles:

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depending on what you want
building / survival ? Fallout 4 , Fallout 76 , Forrest , Sons of the Forrest , Green Hell, Medival Dynasty
combat / massive battles ? Mount & Blade (1-2)
Village management and tons of NPCs ? Medival Dynasty - by the way there will be a new map and 4 player coop in a week

Unfortunately, you can only find all of that in a fun mix, combined with the amazing world of Conan, here in CE.

If SCUM adds dedicated servers, I intend to host one. It does look like a fun game. I’ve had it in my library since it was available but I need it to have privates… errrm… yeah, privates