Do people know any other open world survival games like Conan exiles

Bonus if they have nudity lol. Please disregard ARK, SCUM, RUST. Where I can play as player in 3rd person and character customization.

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There my top ( dunno about nudity) in one of these i was kinda translator too xD kinda… and alfa tester (aint adverts) but still conan is my top 1 game of all :smiley: if not counting morons who grief and use bugs…

  1. Atlas
    3)Outlaws of the old west ( sadly dead game but was good while alive )
  2. Survisland Still in early access
  3. 7 days to die
  4. Hobo - tough life
  5. Green hell

PS All are survival but like conan - Atlas and survisland

forgot about - Space engineers and Empyrion

Plus one to the Hobo! That’s a wonderful game! :laughing:

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I’ve been wondering about Myth of Empires myself. Is anyone here playing it? If so, would you recommend it?

Last Oasis
Dark and Light
Myth of Empires - I do have it but haven’t played it since it was removed from Steam. Not sure where it’s at these days.
Citadel Forged with Fire

Seven Days To Die look for this server

I played it once… it made no sense to me. and the UI was confusing… I got refund right before they pulled it off steam.

Can you play that game in 3rd person?

I have played Myth of Empires and ran a server for a while. Currently with the game being held up in a court case where Steam is unable to sell it, the player base dropped to nil on my server so I currently closed the server for now while waiting for the court case to resolve itself.

It was a pretty cool game. Enjoyed my time playing. A bit more grindy than other games I had played. (Food, Animal raising).

If you like PvP, I believe their PvP Official servers are doing fine. Otherwise, I would wait until for court case to reach a solution.


I did couple of weeks EA
It’s an MMO with survival and action elements, strong emphasis on MMO and related mechanics


Played that for a bit, it was alright… more grindy than CE and in need of a few rounds of polishing though.

Refunded with the intent of checking back at a later time, but it’s mostly waiting to see what happens with that court case they’ve got going on right now.

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Can’t say much about it but Icarus looks like it has CE elements and some ARK stuff.

It’s on steam: ICARUS on Steam

Better then wait till sons of forest are released, i tryed icarus, it gives feeling it will end up like evolve 2 or outlaws… = Dead because system req are not optimised and well that gameplay itself is kinda yep… it has not one storyline but like one time u fight animals then monsters then mix of them :smiley: … like from different dimensions taken stuff and merged into one

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Valheim. The building system isn’t as good as Conan Exiles (but its close in many respects). The graphics aren’t as good as Conan Exiles. The combat isn’t as good as Conan Exiles. It does have a few armor sets for customizing your character and procedurally generated maps for replay value, but after trying Valheim, I found Conan Exiles to be a much better game. Valheim doesn’t have NPCs to guard your base either (which is a huge win for Conan Exiles even if the AI needs more tweaking).

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Yah its hard to find a game same level as conan. I was thinking of just making my own like I own so many assets lol

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Ark but their building system and game compared to conan even wirh all the issues this is simply better.

Is Green Hell really like Conan? I had assumed it was more like The Forest.

not at all

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My experience on green hell was not so good. I didn’t pay a great sum for this game but I regret it.
Still every opinion is objective :man_shrugging:.
@Alhambra you are a Playstation player so I will speak only from the side of our console.
Nothing is even close to Conan exiles in the survival category, nothing.
I played minecraft on pc for almost 2 years but on Playstation it sucks great time I played for a week and I stopped.
Ark managed to keep me one and a half month and I am not sure I am going to play it again, I don’t like a lot in ark, but some are marvelous, still not Conan, not even close.
The forest…
I loved neebs video in this game, I even play it for a month in all the difficulties and that’s it, it has nothing to keep you more, nothing.
Green hell. I finished the story, hardly because I didn’t like it from the beginning, but I thought that until the end maybe I would find something to keep me in to.
No, great No.
Stranded deep…
For this game I have good things to say on for the single player part, the online sucks great time.
It is a survival game that will hold you from the first second. I recommend it 100% you will enjoy it big time. It is still buggy, very buggy, but the game flow will not disappoint you. Their hard mode is not balanced well, maybe they didn’t have other options, I don’t know, but it is focused more in thirst than everything else leading to annoyance. Again hardcore on hard difficulty less than a month :man_shrugging:.
My bottom line is simple. I play this damn game still and every day I am not sure that I know everything, 3 to 4 years now :person_facepalming:t3:.
I refuse to learn the content of the game on admin mode or easy servers, I love the challenge this game has, it is not sickness they just did a magnificent job balancing this game, so easy is not an option I enjoy. Objectively or not, CONAN EXILES IS THE BEST :man_shrugging:, BY FAR.
Yet, I will have to say that between the 2 maps, exile lands is my best still, no matter the glamur Siptah has, I don’t know if it is the rng or lack of teleport mechanism which bounds you on a horse back and a building option somewhere in the middle, but this is how I feel, or I believe, nothing more.


The thing that makes all other survival games unlike Conan Exiles is - they’re not Conan games. They may have great settings, but they’re not the Hyborian Age.

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