AO videos - thousands of memories

Anarchy Online is such a big part of my life, I spent my best years on rubi-ka… without a doubt. I landed on rubi-ka a few months after the game launched, and I spent nearly 15 years on the planet before returning to earth. I still remember my first days on rubi-ka, what a big and dangerous world it was and all the secrets and promises it held. It took a while to understand how the world worked, the professions and the skill system, and that just made it even more fun. What I didn’t understand at that point was that it wasn’t just the game itself that made AO such an incredible experience… it really was the people and the friends you made along the way. Hanging out, the org meetings, the raids, the serious talks and the silly talks, all the events and so on… Thinking back on all this really makes me sentimental.

I would like to share a few of my memories with you if you are interested, so here’s a list with a few of the vids I made and I will also post the playlist with all the ao vids I made during the years. Maybe a couple of them will bring you back a few years as well :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m not allowed to add youtube links here, so not sure how to share them. Leaving the youtube titles here so you can copy/paste the titles into yt to watch them.

Title: Anarchy Online - A Girl’s Adventure (2014)
I made this video when Ruken arranged a video contest in 2014. It’s about a girl looking back on her life on rubi-ka, the places she visited and things she remembers. It’s the last video I made I think, and one of the few where I had a voice actor.

Anarchy Online - A Girl’s Adventure (2014)
I started an ao series which I never got around to finish, I stopped at ep4. A squad is on a mission in Wartorn Valley to recover what they can find from a damaged alien ship. Just another routine mission, what can possible go wrong…

TItle: Anarchy Online - EP2 - Heart of Evil (2014)
Things didn’t go as planned when that squad brought the alien with them. Now it’s time to regroup and find out what the aliens are planning, easier said than done

Title: Anarchy Online - EP3 - Mouse (2014)
Our agent managed to beam himself into the mothership. The artifact actually worked! We got a lot of recordings from inside the ship, and he sent us some data before he got overrun by aliens. Let’s hope he’s ok.

Title: Anarchy Online - EP4 - Zero Cool (2014)
We managed to get the location where Zero Cool is at the moment, even if Mouse weren’t so interested in sharing this with ut. Now we have to go and look for Zero Cool and inform him about our situation. Hopefully he will help us…

Title: Anarchy Online - This is my home (2013)
A rubi-ka tribute I made using synthetic voices where we visit several people and their homes on rubi-ka.

Title: Anarchy Online - Spy in Shadowlands (2012)
A video I made from different SL areas, I managed to record it before they fixed a bug where you could fly in shadowlands in a specific aircraft. The music and lyrics really fits well, thanks Trifonic!

Title: Anarchy Online - A rubi-ka story (2011)
I tried to make a small story-driven video by using original AO voices. The quality of the video isn’t that great as YT converted it to widescreen.

Title Anarchy Online - Happy Birthday, The Red Brotherhood (2013)
The last one worth mentioning is the video I made when our org turned 10 years in 2013, we celebrated it with a red parade and an alien raid.

To find my complete Anarchy Online video youtube playlist, just search for the channel PolBear on youtube and chose the Anarchy Online playlist.

To all of you lovely people who have played and are currently playing anarchy online, you are awesome <3


Anarchy Online - A Girl's Adventure (2014) - YouTube Playlist. :wink: