AoW Chapter 2 - please allow us to control which base purge attacks

In single player, end game for me is about building bases all over the map and dealing with all the different purges. Well it would be, but I can never get the purge to spawn where I want it to spawn. My main base at Nehket has been purged many times, but never by anything other than scorpions or reapers. I’m sick of those purges. I want to experience the rest.

I understand that the element of surprise may be fun. It may be a nice threat to allow the purge to target any base of the player, making the player have to rush to defend it. Making the player consider defense at all bases they build.

But 100% of purges only targeting the first base you build is not a surprise. Its predictable and boring.

Please allow some mechanism for setting which base we would prefer to be raided at, so that we can build many bases and experience all the purges. Maybe by moving most of our treasure to that base? If you keep an element of surprise, maybe something like 80% chance at base with most treasure, 20% chance at RANDOM (not first built) base.

Also, please consider variety of purges. I guess only the Stygian army coming after my treasure would get boring after a while.

You’re in luck, at least in part: in the new Age, the Purge will target only the base in which you have the treasure chest, and only if you want to. No more randomly appearing purges.

And each treasure chest is its own entity, so you can have multiple bases, each with its own treasure chest, and have purges target each in turn.

We don’t know the exact nature of future Purges, but I believe random animal packs will be gone. Those snakes and scorpions are probably not interested in money.

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