Purges revamp in chapter 2

Hi, purges ss they are right now are a danger for the player’s but also for players who have their base nearby and this has been sploited from many players in-game, has if the other player’s not online he can’t defend his stuff from others purge. Is this being worked on the revamp of purges for chapter 2?
Thank you and keep up woth the amazing work you’ve been doing.

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The way I see it, the new purge mechanic is optional and summoned and since they are coming for the summoner’s hoard, they would likely ignore other player’s hoards. This is just a bit of speculation and the details are probably still being worked out for chapters 2 and 3 of the Age of War. I imagine what you are describing is front in their mind tho; FC doesn’t want that kind of behavior either.

But they’ll definitely kill thralls and pets if they are outside, @darthphysicist .
When I had a clan building on our backyard I used to msg them when I knew we were likely to be purged. But these fellows where cool cats and instead of hiding their thralls, they used to show up to help in the fight. But, by God, their base completely lagged ours. It was massive. We had to move because of that (although I didn’t explain them the real reason).
Make good neighbors. It goes a long way. That’s my advice.


Kinda depends. The way it has been described by chapter three, a purge base will spawn, presumably taking into acct nearby landclaim, and leashing distance has been shortened with AoW, so I’m not sure people will be able to lure them far enough.

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