Since Age of War, no purge at all

Since Age of War, the purge meter just go up, until it is at max, and then, no purge coming up. Since 7 days.

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I am on PS5, Official PVE Server 3500.
I filled up my Purge Meter over the weekend, and a Purge occurred during the Purge Window.
Purge went through all waves, and concluded as expected.

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If you’re in single player, admin in a convergence trap and load it with 200 lesser??? and drain the purge meter to zero, then load it up with the other type of ??? to jumpstart a purge

Sorry for not mentionning it :slight_smile: I’m on a dedicated server. Even the admin commands for starting purge doesn’t seem to work.

Look for the convergence trap in the admin panel. It’s in building pieces when you hit search. The ??? is listed in other.

I did it, and it doesn’t seem to work. The beam goes up in the sky, but nothing happen since 2 hours. But thanks for the try :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity, where is your base located?

In F4, on the water, with road to the coast on two ways

Ah, I think that might solve your issue. I believe that is in the “no-purge” zone.

Hooo I didn’t know this! :smiley: Thanks. The good news is my game isn’t broken, the bad, I’ll have to move an entire castle elsewhere :smiley:

Glad to have it solved!

No one really knows how purges will work in Chapter 2 of AoW, just that they’re being completely reworked.

So, if you really want to stay where you are because you’re attached to the location or view or what have you, you could always build a smaller purge trap base somewhere else to deal with any purges you get from now until chapter 2 beta when we know more about how it will work.

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Hmm, if you’re still desperately wanting the purge, take 10 cheap foundations, a wheel of pain, the convergence trap and it’s required fuel to say, Godsclaw Passage and set up a temporary outpost. Trigger the purge via the trap and knock out and convert your thralls up there. Tear the temporary outpost down once you have your new thralls

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