AoW chptr 3 Q&A out with design spoilers for crafters in the future

What’s interesting is that he said that the days of item based thralls are coming to a close (meaning pick them up and carry).

So to scare the begeezus out of everyone…will that mean we can no longer store thralls long term in chests or…say a body vault? How would you regulate this? By eithe tavern purchase or WoP break, they just can’t be stored on your body and have to be immediately in guard status…or even maybe when the WoP is done, the pop off into guard status around the wheel?

People keep saying the game is getting easier but I’m looking forward to the day where someone will log into an old body vault only to be surrounded by all of their thralls that they were housing and now have to deal with the impromptu rave they just created. It would be fun to think about all of those body vaults in locations where thralls can’t be placed and what would happen to them…lost and gone? :smiling_imp:

I am curious if this is also going to be applied to pets in that you won’t be able to inventory a pet and only the babies can be put as inventoried items.

More questions than answer but I’m perked up for the future, how about you?

More: This will affect how i make zombies though. I break the thrall and then place them in the grave so I can have more than 5 in the grave at a time and can still have the option to move them around if I move the base. This will definitely have drastic effects on that.


This game is becoming more ane more terrible with almost every update. I used to play together with my friends so much everyday, to where I pretty much I become solo and to where even myself dont turn game on anymore and rather play other games


This one is curious to see how new thralls will come off the wheel.
Likewise this one does wonder what will happen to existing unplaced thralls.

Hopefully this information gets wide publication well in advance of implementation.

That said, this one does prefer the verisimilitude of not being able to just shove a few dozen people into fridges for later use. Definitely a change, but potentially a change for the better, or at least more immersive.

Does this mean the crafters will also count against the thrall limit?
If they can follow, can they fight? Will they get better as they level up?


Mr. @den, in future updates, will we also be able to use the green shadow placement system to place thralls at the Orb or Nergal, allowing us to fix the fuglies, change their race, hair, etc…?


Well I will say I’m not the most versed in Conan lore. I enjoyed the comics (the old larger black and white ones and not the standard Marvel ones) every now and then but this game and the lore folks on the forum is where I get the details of the universe. I do love the directions they are going even if I wouldn’t consider myself a RP.

I’m also curious what benefits it would be to have a blacksmith at your side. Could it be a steady state of repair of your blades? More damage? All the crafters could have benefits based on their level T1-4.
Cooks-sated buff
Tanners-+ temp insulation cold and hot
Armorers-armor durability regen
Blacksmiths-Weapons durability regen
alchemist-healing potion
Sorcerer- sorcery bag creation, casting speed increases, casting cost decreases

so after the patch, our warehouse will be a very busy place?

and I guess that means no more trading with the crafters. …

No I think Den was talking chapter 4 in the crafter ideas. Chapter 3 is done. What is being seen in beta is what is going to be coming out at the EoW.

Will we no longer be able to steal crafting thralls?

Knock them out.


That’s exactly what that will mean.

Probably as it does in Siptah when you open a cage, or a purge where you free them from a cage. They begin following you and you’ll want to lead them back to a new home/guarding position.

Now this is an interesting suggestion. Instead of killing another clan’s thralls, why can’t we knock them out and put them on the wheel to rebreak them for use?

There was a point in time where you could knock out an enemy player’s thrall. I used to do this when scouting out a base and didn’t want them to know I was there. You couldn’t rewheel them back then though.


This was an option previously on PlayStation. I did re-wheel them. It was before the Orb of Nergal was a thing, I wanted to change character but keep thralls.

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Sounded like Den said there is going to be another age after chapter 4. Maybe it was just a hint.

Do we now need Crafter IIIs to get to more colors than Crafter IIs, for example? The more I think about it the more I like the idea.

I believe the idea is like now with fighters. They will be an item when fresh off the wheel. But once you place them in a bench/ ingame they they cant be picked up like an item anymore, only moved.

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i was thinking it’s possible it might be more like when we craft a golem and they get up and walk off the table and then they just wait in guard mode for you to come get them.

If they are implementing this I am done with the game for good. And I know that a lot of people are then.

Because collecting thralls is a big part of the game. And its an important part of pvp too. Its what people like me, that have seen and done it all, keeps in the game.

If Dennis wanna go this route then I will go and spend my money elsewhere. I am done with him, destroying the game. Changing it to some barbie rp bs that has nothing to do with Conan anymore.

Never in my whole life have I seen a company as bad as Funcom. We stuck around because we love the game. But this now is boiling the water.


So if you can’t stuff a vault with 50~ thralls, then you’re “done with the game”? Uhm, okay then.


It’s not about stuffing the vaults.
Right now crafters can be stolen from other players because as an item they can be freely moved by anyone.
By implementing them in the same way any fighter thrall or pet works workers will be turned into defacto another fighter but with extra bonuses if you place them at a certain bench. In PVP you can’t steal or knock out already-placed fighter thralls or pets, thus removing one of the big 3 reasons why players want to raid other players and engage in combat.
I hope they will implement a knockout function for already placed workers so we will be able to knock out workers from other clans but knowing Funcom they didn’t even think about it.


The thing is, when Funcom introduces new content for “role-players”, the target audience is generally happy (except when said content comes via the Bazaar with misleading descriptions).

When Funcom does anything that affects combat, PvPers complain. Loudly. Even when it’s done based on PvPer feedback.

What would be the point of trying to cater for such an ungrateful audience? It only makes sense, business-wise, to abandon the customer group that cannot be satisfied no matter what.

I’m not saying Funcom is (intentionally) abandoning PvP. I don’t have any inside information on that. But I’ve been around since Early Access, and I’ve seen how the community behaves, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Funcom decided to just forget about PvP.


It’s far easier to farm console, pve players and rpers than players who actively engage the whole cycle of the game.
You can just throw them some UE assets and barebones systems with multiple exploits and problems and they will be happy.


That is one thing that probably is killing it. Because the game no longer matches the described hardware. PS4 (original) should be dropped from system requirements. :rage:

Kill the elephant in the room as Funcom can no longer support the original PS4.

P.S. I like the idea of putting crafters on follow. :grin: