Archer armor not suitable for 1st person

I know most play on 3d person most of the time, but the best camera for Archers, are 1st person for obvious reasons, better aim.

It is funny that this is an archer armor (pict light) , but can’t be used in 1st person.



You know whats funnier? Even if one says “just use the other accuracy armor” , well…


I mean, come on! :laughing:


And to complement with this unique… strangely designed armor in heavy, while it could visually fit leather being a cold option for archers (currently there is none), but oh well, I wonder if someone in all CE community plays heavy archer.

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I play in first person and I feel your pain. May things are not first person friendly.

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many things are not archer friendly either. I recall an issue with the cold heavy on a raid that obstructed view but it was not that bad. All in all sucked though and made hitting explosives from a certain range more guesswork than aim.

This has been an issue for a while for archers. Most of the armor is not very good for first person.

Srygian Raider is not so bad.

Which is why I feel like FC needs to create accuracy appropriate looks for accuracy armor.

I have been using Wardancers chest to mitigate this becauee with my current setup and minor buffs I can swap for a strength piece without losing my 50 in accuracy.

Hense my push for Cold, Accuracy, Bikini armor.

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