Where is the Archery 🏹

Hiya Funcom.

Love the look of the new DLC. But there are some things.

I have been holding out for a Cold Accuracy Set. We still dont have one. Unless you count Lemurian. But I don’t count Lemurian.

We do have Hyrkanian Raider which is the most unused armor in the game because it is heavy accuracy. No one wears heavy as an archer. Cuz…why would you.

Also. The Unnamed City is pretty cool these days. Lots of new weapons and toys.

But… Guess what is not there? Bows. No fantastical fun bows for us archers to use.

I am still in love with your game. So don’t worry. I’m not freaking out.

But surely someone in the Conanverse traversed the Tundra with a bow. It must have happened at least in some capacity.

I know we got quivering arrows. But like…thats a lot of grining for arrows when serpentman gets the job done.

The Turan pack is a gleaming jewel. But us pointy stick launching people got a bow re-skin. Which looks amazing.

But we all use the Eye of Khan, Bessies or the Huntress. Well. Anyone worth their salt does.

Can we Archers get a little love.

Yes yes. I know there is a helmet in the unnamed city which gives awesome cold protection. But guess what!!! It’s heavy meaning no dodge roll.

We archers need the roll.

I guess another option would be to give the bow the backflip from daggers.

We could at least then use the bow with heavy.

But otherwise I’m looking foroward to coming home tonight and testing the new pack.


I’ll never put my Aqu-Bow down, looks to good. =3 (intill harden steel for damage boost anyway)
Most of my characters don’t stay 60 for long… and most of time, after 20-50+ keys I never get what i want…and restart my character to have “progression” thing going again.

I mention this during test live, that Charge shot should be r2 hold to start it, and release r2 fire it.
Gotta hit l2 for what ever reason…

As for cold/heat protection thing… I’m pushing for tools that change a armors cold/heat status.
I can keep my cosplay/good looks or what ever hell it is going 24/7. =3

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I want that as well.

Id love to bring my Stygian Raider or my Pict Wizard into the icy north. But that just aint smart.

I still use the Aqu or Khitan now when I run a type lf build. Or…during PVP when I dont want to lose my legendary bows. But I have a surplus of those at the moment.

Regarding legendary bows, finding a Crossbow there would have blown me out of the water with both surprise and delight.


Oh…trust me. I would literally pee my pants

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Oh dont worry Hexsing, I think dozens of players around the world would be peeing their pants in synchronisation. Probably myself included.


Lol. Yeah.

“Legendary Crossbow of Sporadic Community Urination” for the win.

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I’ve wanted to have a good archery build, but haven’t really found anything useful. Where have you put all your attribute points, and what gear do you use for hot climates and cold climates?

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I was really sad when they nerfed archery, I love being a bow warrior. The current set up where you have to hold your shot, doesnt give enough incremental damage to be worth it. Plus once your holding the powershot, try following the target, its almost impossible. Pre-nerf was maybe a bit OP, post nerf is pathetic. Can we get some middle ground please?

I like my versatile archery build. It can morph into other builds. It is rather effective and generally does decent damage if you use the right gear.

I dont mind the hold shot.

We just need better bow options really. Arrows while fine suffer the arrow swap stagger when you put multiple in your hotbar.

Generally you use the basics. Flat damage arrow and poison gas arrow. You can use snake and I can take most enemies to half health with just 1 snake arrow. However. I prefer serpentman which takes them down pretty much all the way.

We don’t have functional light or medium cold resistant armor.

Mainly due to Lemurians locked stats. Fundimentally it is flawed because if I needed max starsm, which I would like, but is not possible.

I need more food to survive the cold. And Hyrkanian is garbage. And I still need more heat food. And HELL…if I was making my way to the volcano I cant carry Hyrkanian, arrows, and a second set of armor to keep myself cool…but more importantly effective when I do arrive.

Overall FC needs to give us more than qwivering arrows which are nice. But to much bother to farm.

Varies, I have damage set 2.0 so Archery doesn’t feel like super ultra trash…

Boss killing.
S 4/5
A 2/5 (if your not needing End, I go here and V)
V 2/5
A 4/5
G 3/5 to 4/5
E left over points.
S 0

Str and Acc, Most of Perks effect both melee and range weapons. So acc -50% is handy for melee, and str perks good for bows.

S 1/5 (gotta knock them thralls out)
A 2/5 to 3/5 in perks
V 2/5 (for perks)
A 4/5
G 3/5 to 4/5
E left over points.
S 0

Found little reason to go 5/5 on perks… gotta waste to many points. =/

31 Strength
10 Agility
21 Vitality
31 Accuracy
20 Grit
19 Encumbrance
0 Survival

I do this so that if I swap armor I can pretty much hit almost all of the perks I might need with Strength and Vitality. Versatility is king with this.

Adding. Jhebal Sag potion and the Eye of Khan I can hit 50 accuracy with Pict wizard while wearing a gas mask. Or Stygian Raider. Which is my go too.

My main focus now is to keep 40 accuracy and 40 strength. Or 40 Accuracy and 30 Vitality.

On a predatory blade, lying bastard sword or a weapon that has naturally high damage output I can mod for armor pen. Add Crevice in the Armor and I can bypass a lot of armor.

If I am running 31 strength, 40+ accuracy and 30 vitality I’ll use the pred blade for the mega damage on light attacks. Buffed by the strength perk, salting the wound etc. Plus all that armor pen.

If using the 40 strength 40 accuracy split I’ll stick with the Lying Bastard Sword or I’ll use a pike modded with pen. Lifeblood being preferable.

Archery does seem to be the poor relation to melee in CE.

Vanilla bows and arrows are so poor in comparison to melee weapons it’s clear they are not intended to be your main weapon, and they’re not even a great secondary.

I do understand the reasoning behind it, they don’t want PVP to become an arrow spam fest with everyone sniping each other from range whilst the melee players get owned before they can get into range.

However what we now have is that only one weapon (spear/pike) in PVP is viable and pretty much all other weapons are an afterthought with archery being a footnote to that afterthought.

I play mainly solo so I’ve used various mods to enhance archery (not too much to make it OP) so it’s a viable weapon and worth spending points on.

I would dearly love funcom to buff archery a few points, nothing drastic, just enough to make it viable as a build option.

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