[Archer] PVE Build

After testing archer capabilities in PVE i came up with this build.

So you are looking into range build for PVE huh. Here is one i came up after playing this game for a while. But i started as a melee range build and made a reset on max level. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build Archer from beginning, this only means that you will have harder time on the resources side as well as sustain.

If you do want to follow my steps, i will provide you with build i used to get myself all i need for later Archer switch.
STR: 10
AGI: 10
VIT: 30
ACC: 0
GRIT: 30
ENC: 25 + 5
SURV: 25 + 5

Equipment: Medium Armor Set (+5 ENC), Any Crafted Javelin, Shield of Zabweth (+5 SURV) (Can be bought for 100 Pearls from Weeba Shamrock in Flotsam). No potions or Warpaint required.

So for little effort you get “Tank” build with a huge boost to resource gathering, sustain and quality of life perks. Decisions on the build were made due to specific and easy spam of Light attack (not combo) and block when you miss hit-stun as well as reach of Javelins. Make note that you shouldn’t ever throw javelin.

Gathering Perks: Faster Mining/Lumbering, More Gather from Animals, More Stamina damage to Thralls.
Quality of Life Perks: Less stamina drain while Sprint/Climb, Can eat raw meat, Underwater Breath meeter doubled, Less temperature effects, Better Stamina regeneration, More max Weight
Sustain Perks: Less stamina use on attacks, Less cripple time, Damage resistance, Passive Health regeneration.

Hitting level 60 doesn’t mean you should reset into Archer immediately. You still should use your initial character to gather resources effectively until you get all gear you need for Archer. BTW if you want to reset your Attributes you should craft and drink Potion of Bestial Memory or Yellow Lotus Potion, but Yellow Lotus Potion will also reset learned Feats (not the one you found in world, only that you spent points on).

Archer build:
STR: 30 + 10
AGI: 10
VIT: 17 + 3
ACC: 40 + 10
GRIT: 20
Leftover points you can put in ENC, keep Survival 0.



  • Hollowbone Arrow only to be used with Reach of the Red Mother to get 99% Armor Penetration (30% (Bow) + 15% (Accuracy Perk) + 54% (Arrow)). Those are extremely rare and can be found in Children of Jhil. Use them wisely and ONLY versus Humanoid bosses coz they have higher effectiveness vs high Armor targets.
  • Serpent-man Arrow to be used as a default arrow. It is one of the best craftable arrows. Your day to day use.
  • Snake Arrow / Firespark Arrow both to be used in Non-Humanoid boss fights to kite boss as well as stacking and maintaining max stacks of Poison (10) + Bleed (20) (20+20 DPS). After you have max stacks it is required that every 4th light shot done with Snake Arrow and every 9th shot done with Spark Arrow to maintain effects whole fight.
  • Healing Arrow to heal your pet & self.
  • Light Arrow to use instead of Torch.

End Game Gear:

Damage Perks:

  • 20,30,40 STR perks affect damage you do with bows. So +25% damage if target affected with negative effect (Cripple, Poison, Bleed, Sunder e.t.c.), +10% Damage for Light Attacks, +25% Damage for Heavy Attacks
  • Each Point of Accuracy increase Bow damage by 2%, resulting in total +100% for 50 Accuracy
  • 30,50 ACC perks increase ranged damage by 10% and Headshot damage by 50%.

Total damage increase for this build is:

  • 100 + 25 + 10 + 10 + 50 = 195% damage increase for Light Headshot on target affected by negative effect.
  • 100 + 25 + 25 + 10 + 50 = 210% damage increase for Heavy Headshot on target affected by negative effect.

Let’s calculate best damage we can do if we have all equipment that we need:

  • Reach of the Red Mother (30 DMG, 30% A.Pen + 15% Acc 40 Perk)+ Advanced Weapon Damage Kit (6 DMG) + Hollowbone Arrow (23 DMG, 54% A.Pen):
    – (30 + 6 + 23) * 2.95 = 174 Damage with 99% Armor Penetration on Light Attack.
  • Eye of the Khan / The Huntress (23 DMG, 9.45% A.Pen + 4.725 Acc 40 Perk) + Serpent-Man Arrow (19 DMG, 17.85% A.Pen) + Spiked Weapon Fitting (+15% A.Pen):
    – (23 + 19) * 2.95 = 124 Damage with 47.025 Armor Penetration on Light Attack.
  • Derketo’s Voice (28 DMG, 0% A.Pen) + Advanced Weapon Damage Kit (6 DMG) + Serpent-Man Arrow (19 DMG, 17.85% A.Pen):
    – (28 + 6 + 19) * 2.95 = 156 Damage with 17.85% Armor Penetration on Light Attack.

Early Game Archer Gear:


  • To get consistent +25% damage from STR 20 Perk we need pet that will debuff enemy.
  • To actually deal damage we need small-to-medium size pet and preferred agile one. Coz hitting your pet instead of enemy is a bad idea.

Having this requirements i have few options:

  • Hyena: Cripple on each hit, fast attack, small model, easy to get even at the beginning of the game.
  • Wolf: Sunder on each hit (-10% Armor, 5 Stacks MAX), fast attack, small model, retreats after every attack giving you good opportunity to fire an arrow.

Greater variations of this pets would provide great versatility. As for a wolf, it works best due to the Sunder debuff, resulting in a great damage output.


  • Versatile build with rounded stats.
  • Great damage in a late game even in a single player mode.
  • Good HP pool, Good Stamina pool.
  • Nice amount of “Quality of Life” perks without loosing in damage perks.
  • In top Gear gets 41% Damage Reduction on pair with 360 HP pool that results in a great survivability.
  • Can use Melee weapons as well due to ACC 40 perk also provide bonus to melee.

For pet I would swap out for the best fighter thall you can get with an envenomed weapon, axe works well. Nothing holds agro better than poison and you can sit there and plink away.

Also they won’t die from a sneeze like animal pets do. And they will hit harder.

Thralls work too, but i end up hitting them more often then for example Wolf.
It’s up to you what to choose.

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