Archer role changes in the upcoming update (magic)

How about some rework for bow users with the sorcery update? Some moves to gain distance for example…

I mean its a good weapon and has some great arrows. But the gameplay feels meh…

And how bow scales with? Accuracy is gone and charisma is coming

Bows use agility now for their damage

They mentioned agility is going to affect archery
But also strength will make a difference but not as much, its the same for the other way around.

If they don’t remove cripple I think a bow is pretty powerful at keeping opponents at bay.
I think armour should play the biggest part in mobility like it is now, but that my opinion of course.

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I feel like bow will be a lot stronger than it is now in part because it’s moved to agility and some of the new perks as well. I don’t think it really needs a disengage since bow really shouldn’t be used as a primary weapon in the first place. With the move to agility though you’ll be able to get more mobility with the double jump being part of that line and also some other melee weapons should now scale with agility too meaning putting all your stats to make a bow build no longer means you’re completely useless with other weapons when an enemy gets close.

I would speculate that daggers are probably another agility scaling weapon and as we know the special button for daggers is a pretty lengthy back handspring which creates a lot of distance. So you can definitely keep a bow focus and quick swap to daggers to use the special. Not to mention double jumping to gain some height or avoid attacks.

Also it looks like they’ve removed the cripple reduction perk, meaning cripple should be stronger now since there’s no more perk to mitigate that. So if bows can still cripple them that will be pretty good.

I think at most it would be cool to add a different kind of shot to the special button. Maybe you shoot a few arrows in a fan like a shotgun or something. But bow isn’t really a flashy weapon and the real diversity comes from the ammo types.

I’m going to miss the knockdown shot perk, though. Mostly for its comic effect rather than actual gameplay power.

But if the enemy gets close, you pull a close combat weapon instead. With the attribute rework, it’s likely to be more effective than before. Accuracy was basically always a stat for just one thing, which made it unattractive compared to others. And bows still had decent utility even if you didn’t invest a single point in Accuracy: for example, when facing two opponents, crippling one on the way meant you only had to fight one at a time.

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Sounded like my Melee/Archery build will have to take a massive hit in damage… Give or take how agility adds damage compared to Acc stat.

Before, I could invest in Agi for its bonus and get enough in Acc to keep bow useful. Now sounds like I need to pick one or other perks.
I’ll have give up light armor if I want damage perks… or give up damage perks for light armor.

I feel like Archery was already in Back Seat… and is now about to be moved to the Trunk of car.

Hopefully I’m wrong…


The penetration advantage is valid for all weapons?

You mean “Precisioin Strike” in (10 points) agility?
Then yes

Not sure if its flat armor pen* (don’t know if your weapons requires at least some pen for this to take effect).

finally an answer. thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

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