Archer Thrall w/ High Strength vs Fighter w/ Low Strength

Note Before I begin, I would just like to say I’ve been playing Conan for about 1.2K hours now and am really starting to put my knowledge about this game into question as I don’t know something as simple as the difference between “Power” levels.

I play on a Modded server where ember light weapons are almost always the best choice to throw onto your thrall for the reason of Crit weapons. I usually pair these weapons with high strength Thralls to output as much damage as possible but ran into something rather odd. While running around I randomly knocked out a Dina, Master Huntress, and broke her before placing her down. Like I always do I check the stats to see what I’m working with. To my surprise, she had a base strength of 30 with a 86% chance to increase. I decided to take it another step further and leveled her up a bit more (Level 12) and threw on some strength armor for her.

The Armor
Helmet - Burial Mounds Casque - Bonus Grit
Chest - Burial mounds Breastplate - Bonus Strength
Hands - Burial Mounds Gauntlet - Bonus Strength
Legs - Burial Mounds Wrap - Bonus Grit
Boots - Burial Mounds Greaves - Bonus Grit

Red Rock Hammer - Sunder / Critical Hit
Health damage: 70
Armor Pen: 44%

After giving her these items and leveling her I managed to get her strength up to around 54 with a Strength melee damage bonus of 26% with all of this in place I was able to get her to start hitting for about 78-120-220 (Counting Crit) I wasn’t very happy with these numbers so I threw the gear onto my level 20 Lian to which has 46 into Strength with a 23% SMDB. He was hitting for about 178-260-340.

Am I just stupid or does this not make any sense because I was expecting Dina to be hitting a lot harder than she was. Does strength really not affect anything when it comes to Archers or am I missing something?

There’s a hidden stat. Called Melee Damage Modifier, and Ranged Damage Modifier.

Its determined by the tier (higher the better), the tribe (so darfari maneaters aren’t as high as forgotten tribe), and by class, so archers aren’t as high as fighters.

If the MDM is 2.2 (I think the value for Dalansia Snowhunter), then they do weapon damage times 2.2 modified by STR.

So just because the STR is higher on an Archer than a Fighter, they won’t do as much.

In your example, Lian has a MDM of 1.93375 and Dina has a MDM of 1.4

The wiki has all the stats listed. Though they call it modifier for str and modifier for acc.

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