Archers and magic users

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I am baku Lycon of the Black Wolf Empire, we are a strong clan in both pvp and pve, we are large in numbers and are very diverse, I myself am an Archer and would like to see some new things to get more archers in the game. 1 a quiver would help us carry more arrows, 2 a simultaneous 3 arrow shot and a power shot by taping R2 3 times then holding it on the third tap, then tap R1 to fire. 3 an armor for both male and female Archer that adds accuracy in the gloves but vitality in chest plate, because archers sacrifice vitality and strength to Max out accuracy. I love this game and have bin running the Archer build since the day the game came out. Please here my call for all archers everywhere, help our numbers grow. Also archers and magic user are a team and Conan exiles needs magic, please help us out with a magic and Archer update.

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