Archery and Bows - huge mess right now

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]


So, as title says, archery is very confusing right now.

The thing is, before patch, power shot (one with holding right mouse button) - consumes a lot of stamina but deals great damage, great ballistics and aim. Rewarding your aiming.

Regular shot (with left mouse button, single click) - consumes moderate amount of stamina, moderate damage, bad ballistics ( almost impossible to hit something far than 20 m).

And special shot (one with CTRL) - almost no stamina cost, lowest damage, same ballistic as regular one.

Nice system, logical and working.

Now. After latest update:

Power shot - push back \ knocking, deals little damage. Still best ballistics.
Regular shot - same as it was. Bad aim, moderate damage.
Special shot - deals more(?) damage now. And still almost don’t cost stamina.

Like…why?! If before update I really was in need to do calculations, considering stamina cost and aim to place perfect power shot. Taking necessary distance corrections and timing to one-shot hyena. Now its takes 2-3(!) shots.
So instead I just spam CTRL attack in close combat and ONE SHOT them. Wow.

So instead of making an archery hard to learn but interesting skill, all I have to do now is spamming one button with no thinking at all.

Oh, yes. Power shot knock back enemy now. We all know how knocking back is working in Conan. Enemy gets on his feet in less than 0.1 ms already attacking you. Like he don’t even stops for a sec to understand from where that hit came. Maybe its good in PVP, but how that benefits you vs NPC?

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Waste all stamina to hit distant enemy, knocking him down just to see him shooting at you less that in one second and almost not damaged. Refill stamina bar. Repeat 2-4 times to kill him.
  2. Instead, get close, spam CTRL and kill with same amount or even less shots but with almost no stamina cost.
  3. …


My ( + ) to this post! Archery has broken and nerfed! I want to know any thoughts from developers and admins, why they did it!?

I don’t believe it was intentional that you deal less damage with power shot… I can’t imagine why it would be. But yeah - for a build that was previously dismissed as irrelevant it’s now even further irrelevant. The knockback is actually worse than nothing (you do more damage at level 35 with power shot than at level 40). It also makes it much harder to maintain cripple on a target. If I could literally skip the level 40 talent I would…

with perk 4 of archery it was possible to kill any enemy thralls level 20 with best gear and 20k hp in 1 or 2 mn without any risk, because of the 30% pen bonus. now will take longer, more balanced knowing the time it take to level up a thrall, and ressource it costs to give him best epic gear.

And we got absolute trash instead 30% pen-bonus ?? And what about PvE? Now, 4-th perk not usable and 5-th perk for accuracy too, 50% bonus for headshots does not work (in PvE). What the hell? Where are well-balanced perks for all categories of players?

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What folks seem to forget when they ask for a nerf to archery is that it has ammo requirements. That’s extra maintenance on top of repairs. It also requires a higher point investment to be as effective. It’s a one-trick pony. Once someone is aware of you, it is then much harder to hit them with when dodging. Same if there is a lot of movement going on in a fight. Arrows also bounce and don’t hit because perk 2 (seriously, remove/replace perk 2.) Oops, my bow isn’t firing because some lag or hiccup. It’s taken me a few seconds to realize this, and now I need to waste more time re-equipping my bow. That’s a huge damage loss, and not something I ever experience with melee. While that, and lag, are not an intended gameplay mechanic, it is still something that I have to compensate for. While it is safer to engage from a distance, sure, and you can cheese a boss, sure, it is much slower than melee. I can do far more damage quicker with melee than I can with a bow. Some of these things are a trade off. Bow is absolutely a powerful tool, and I will continue to use it, but it really needs to stop being nerfed. Especially for the sake of PVE. Things are already a slog with high boss HP. Every time it gets nerfed, it doesn’t feel good from a gameplay perspective. Don’t @ me, I won’t reply.

Anyway, my gripes aside, something has gone wrong with changing perk 4 and heavy draw. I suspect it’s less the perk, and more the mechanics change to the heavy draw itself. Which, btw, doesn’t work against a lot of PVE targets. F-all doesn’t fall down, and f-all doesn’t get knocked back. And with the weirdness of the damage loss on heavy draw, I just don’t use it now.

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Solo mode, a naked berserker for target, dragon bone bow with spike, star metal arrows.

With 39 accuracy i deal arround 200 damage.
With 40 accuracy i deal arround 100 damage!

Please fix …


++++++++ to post

Admins!! Developers!! Fancom!! Where are you?
Bows are totally with bugs! And I don’t see any adequate reaction for posts about totally nerfed damage and broken bows’ mechanics! 60+ accuracy + Hunters Bow + Damage enchancer + Razor arrows and after this I do less damage, than with 1-hand mace and 42 Strenth! Where are your mind, Funcom?


So not a single word from Funcom about situation? I was expecting less interest in archery than let’s say new bed hitbox bug. Sure, it’s more important. Because we are really small group of players who enjoys range combat.

But total silence, like, yeah, we made decision to kill your playstyle, no explanations, deal with it. Yeap, power shot consumes 1/4 of you stamina, and you deal less damage than quick shot that costs almost zero stamina. Yeap. Oh, and we almost forgot. Have fun grinding x4 more stuff to make arrows now.

Good day to you…

i said about that bugs since new patch outcome. but nobody answers me…

FUNCOM! PLZ! fix 40+ accuracy!

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Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’ll look into it.
Thanks for the feedback.


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