Archery feels meh

Playing about with archery and it just feel meh
Pushing the left click attack using star metal arrows it feels I’m just punching a mob. Though in stats it says 90 dmg.
The right click feels like I’m firing a bow, I’d rather they move that to left click attack and longer you hold more dmg arrow will do. So you can still do a quick shot.
The right click make a 4 combo melee using bow. Left side, right side, double to the face followed by a low sweep to trip/cripple/knock down for few sec to escape.
The 1st and last perks ok the others are awful and not worth investing in.
Why do melee get a buff on mount and archers don’t ?
Why do T4 thrall archers get a ok bow but still fire flint arrows?
T4-razor ?

Anyway just my feed back for pve.


For what it’s worth - you can also ‘quick shot’ with right click - just hit left earlier while holding down right - it doesn’t get the full ‘charged up’ damage (afaik), but it does fire quicker

Conan Lagxiles

Archery is entirely locked under encumbrance and spamming leg shots. It is still very glitchy under heavy lag (especially massive online server>playermade junk settlements/thralls/pets>character game freezing lag waves…better at solo server)

Spamming ; quick clicking lightshots with left to right mouse continiously and dropping heavy shots ,only, once a while seems to work much better. Anyhow archer characters dont get extra movement speed (even when wearing lightest equipment or not encumbered and the only way to range is moving backwards and kite or jump over certain npcs after a couple of shots (eg: crocs) and sprint to safety before the new set of fast click spam shots. (Spamming ten thousands of Flinthead arrows, all the way all except tough bosses-Can take unnamed city mobs and Septemeru side npcs by kiting and continiously hittingtheir feet to cripple…Continiously harvesting, crafting and feathers/bird pets > epic fail for anyone who roleplays wandering adventurer and warrior…Worse for pvp server without a very big clan and dedicated craftsman)

Solution would be Unlocking alternative Combat feats instead of crafting feats; for anyone who is not interested in crafting and supporting this with combat related perks under Attributes

Its relatively safer against a single opponent not as fast dps as a Two handed sword against multiple opponents (anyhow melee takes alot more incoming damage if not on full tank which is sadly full on heavy armor set not about character skills. So actually melee is also a fail without crafting which should really be changed to let players characters pure adventuring warrior character without the need to build settlements and crafting forever>)

Locking anything under crafting; weapon and armor up should be changed to optional combat feats (or exploration feats) ; to let the players who do not seek to be landlords and meister craftsman of the realms but to roleplay as an adventuring warrior (or explorer)

Some one could go 30 at strength (melee?) and accuracy (archery?) and encumbrance, grid, vita etc and wear heavier armors to troll around at pve, only for self satisfaction though. Its clearly a parody, wearing heavy armor and ranging anything even at melee range instead of using two handed sword, or wearing light armors and still wont get (any obvious) movement and attack speed bonus.

It is pretty sad that we cant lure npcs under towers or barricades to range them. They keep getting back to their spawn spot if we wander too far, ranging pulling and kiting them.

Even for melee style…Craft forever, lvl up encumbrance/grit/vitality and wear heavier armors

Even for melee I only find Pike and Two handed sword as the only viable melee weapons (and only with heavier armors; no thanks to sad Agility armor nerfing system without even giving any additional combat/dps options> Right now Agility gives higher defensive bonus without armor. Armor gives more defensive bonus without agility> It is as if players get punished for speccing for Agility attribute> Agility doesnt give attack speed, movement speed or double attack chances aswell) if we speak of viable weapons in the game.

Archery (Accuracy?) would do much better with an early perk which rewards stamina discount. Movement speed , only when wearing ligt armor, using a bow and while not encumbered should be as +% 5 1st perk, +% 7 2nd perk, +%10 3rd perk, +%15 4th perk, +%20 5th perk. Additional attack speed perks (scaling from perk to perk 2nd perk %10, 3rd %20 , 4th %35, 5th perk %50 ), aswell as a bonus to heavy draw attack to trigger multishot of many arrows at the same time at 5th perk. There should be bleeding with stacks starting from 2nd perk to 5th perk for bows and arrows. (These specs would only work with light armor set and while not encumbered and may be with med helmet options)

Combat system dances around harvesting more, crafting more, speccing under encumbrance and then vitality/grit, wearing heavier armors then light armors; more than anything. I really wish these were all reworked, by giving the players alternative Feats focused at combat and not crafting only (offensive, defensive, mobility feats). Reworking combat related attributes and their perks for boosting performance under the lag.

I’ve tried 40 str and 0 acc and 40 acc with 0 str and i can honestly say i cant see much difference. The 40 acc perhaps does a little more damage when left clicking. Thats if the arrows register, some don’t register other rebound off the target.
In honesty you just don’t get enough points to make a good ranged character as needed grit, vit perk 3 now to satisfy the devs new healing. Food should of still done good out of combat healing.
They should of moved the perks on to the individual weapons so players could pick to suit playstyles and streamline the attribute points
I Don’t think the devs appreciate the amount of investment in trying out ranged, especially on the new map with only T1 craft the arrows are costly to make… don’t get any back when looting the body unlike javs and throwing
With the removal of warpaint on death another costly expense on the new map.
I guess its trying to find a balance on the new map and maybe relying on that health regen to much. But the added hp help as thralls ai dont seem to keep the agro of mobs very well and not good at attacking. its a huge pain in the ■■■■ grabbing stuff off body and having to redo your hotbar as most would 1 hit kill.
The devs approach to the new map has really been to nerf how we get thrall and the ones you do get the T3 are more exiles lands T1 its funny when my horse has better stats then a T3 thrall

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The lag and pinpoint effect at online multiplayer server is a killer and the greatest barrier at combat. It allways happens only where players have built big settlements ( our characters gets as if held at a spot when the entire world around it keeps moving. Ordinary Npcs can still hit and kill you but you cant leave the spot although you do the animations )

Secondly projectiles but especially bows and arrows were much stronger than melee weapons. (Much stronger than bare human muscle strength). Melee was only a side weapon. Polearms were also use to push infantry units (while pikemen were also dying themselves>cheap to train and supply peasent militia of armies). The hard hitter of ancient times was allways bows and cavalary. (They ruined shields aswell although arrows still cost)

Buildings should not be able to be demolished (even T1) without half dozen of strong men using mauls agains the walls. (or terraforming rivers to foundation, using good amount of explosives, siege weapons)

It seems things are opposite of what it is, at a realistic scenario. Crafting makes a better fighter (quality of arrow head or arrow/weapon proof armor piece does not make the man inside full safe at all-all armors have gaps and armos get loose at conjunction points when the man keeps moving-additionally gets exhaust much faster and permanently), melee is stronger than bows (no), walls can be spanked and settlements can be demolished by kitchen knives (no).

I would only lol to someone who would tell. ‘What will melee people do ?’ Everyone should have been using bows as the main weapon; as side weapon spears and shields and only as back up swords and axes. The winner would almost allways be the one who is more trained at combat feats (combat feats do not exist-There is only crafting feats), and timing and the Gamer’s skills… if the lag did not pin him down…Only If the combat at game was realistic but also practical no thanks to lag.

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I have a bug where my arrows just go through monsters without hitting them at all, it happens very often to me and it’s probably not only me.
Honestly i think that headshots could make a bleeding effect because: why not ? It would be worth to hit a headshots, and in pvp you could duck to evade it for example :smile: sounds fun ?
I also posted a suggestion about reduced miss heavy attack chance and increased arrow velocity dependant on accuracy attribute but it seems to have been unheared.

Yes, archery need some buff and it’s not about it’s damage.
Also maybe crafting arrows could be more affordable, or there would be a chance to recieve arrow back from a slain enemy, similiar to what happens with the javelins, so the archer would not have to drag around 4 hundreds of arrows.

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