Arctic Recon Drone - were there other pets?

So, I knew the cache locksmith in Agartha sold recolours of the outfits, but today I found out that he sells an recolour of the Arctic Survey Drone called Arctic Recon Drone.

Is a pet recolour something new starting with the Winter Cache, or has there been others? The answer seems to be no, if I am to beleive the pet vindown (no other pets listed with locksmith as source) but maybe they have been removed form the window as the other caches expired? Even though that would be a first AFAIK.

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I don’t believe so. Nobody has mentioned it before and there aren’t any in the Pet UI that I can see.

In fact, is that drone new? I don’t remember ever seeing it in the pet UI until now.

The Winter Cache is the first cache to have a vendor re-color pet.

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I was going to say I saw it on that vendor sometime the past couple months. Just didn’t want to buy it. But it does say it’s temporary, so ??? leaving with the Winter Cache?

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Yeah, it will. Same as the other things he’s sold that left with the caches.

Oh, it’s a recolor? Might look into buying it then :grinning: I thought it was the same thing

During Whispering Tide there was a faction automaton that was sold at the special vendor. Just putting that out there.

Aye. I was, however, asking in regards to the caches :slight_smile:

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