Pet from Anniversary Cache is Character Bound automatically

Apparently the pet from the Cache is character bound when all the other caches are not. Is this intended?

That explains why I haven’t seen it in the AH…

Yeah, I was hoping to buy one off the AH, A friend got it and was going to try and give it to me and nope. Character bound :frowning:

Which instantly made me realize: Pets characterbound -> needs opening anniversary cache -> needs a supply of the cache -> cache will be expensive -> Better farm a couple

Damn, I didn’t realize it was BoP. That sucks. I was hoping to buy one on the AH after opening 60+ caches and not getting it.

Ah, it’ll be back next year as “Anniversary 2019 Cache” with the same contents as the 2018 version PLUS a new pet PLUS a recolour of the bounty hunter outfit (for even lower chances to get your desired item).

I really wish I could have one week where I don’t find Funcom doing something scummy, but I guess that’s a pipe dream


If there was ever any consistency in how FC does things THAT would be a surprise.

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Lol, I really wish we could have one week where people on this forum would try being normal. :v:

Melodramatics aside, I suspect this is a bug since they haven’t announced any intent to change the way cache cosmetics work (and you have to think they would announce it, since it wouldn’t be a popular change).

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Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping too. (because getting dupes of things would just be a kick in the nards to those that have them, and sad for people that don’t)


It’s a blue-rarity item too, which just makes me think they originally had other plans for it and forgot to take the bind on pickup flag off.

Going off of metrics of other caches, where all pets were BoE, I would assume this was a bug myself and report it for more information.

If it was intended, then what if a person received this pet multiple times, it means they have wasted the keys because they have already got this reward and now they can’t do anything else with it.

I’m not sure if it’s been stated anywhere on the forums yet but confirmation from Andy on the discord is “It is not intended to be BOP and will be fixed later this week”.

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He added it to the patch notes.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Didn’t check there yet.

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