Are any moderators actively checking the test live forum?

It doesn’t mention in the “How to be a pro Testlive Bug Hunter” that I should be posting glitches and bugs that I find in the official release forum. However, it seems to me that the moderators aren’t checking this forum for threads on glitches and bugs.

I’ve seen many people comment and wonder how an update can come out and be so full of glitches and bugs. Could this be the reason why?

Isn’t testing the game to help uncover issues what testlive is supposed to be about? Not just to check out a new dungeon or feature and get the drop on competition. I fear most of the testlive community is just using it for that reason. This saddens me greatly.

This varies… it isnt a light switch answer of yes/no.

I’ve tested games, (not payed, but… in manner were I was in position to get to) And there a time table for stuff, and stuff gets missed, postie note falls off, smudge on whiteobard.
Some stuff, just isnt super priority. Some stuff just can’t be found…doesnt get fixed in time.

Some cases, PC games, dont have Console Dev Kits, so alot of testing doesnt happen.
Small team working non stop… your bound miss something tired…

List goes on.
I’ve brought up several things during some of the games I got to play early builds… it goes missed.

Some use it as means to play content for free and early. (as you point out) they may not get a full work thru. heck…someone might find something, and keep it to themselves.

Anyway… The Team on Live Stream says they view forums. Any issue I brought up (ps4 side, which doesnt have test live) has been answer by staff, and looked into. (and all but a few have been fixed, last few? there pretty long on going issues. )

I think last game I got to test was MHFU on psp, we got early UMD copies with jibberish on disc. (still got it) which was basiclly last stop before full print.
by time we pointed out a few small things. It was to late. (translation error/oddity) and monster was label weird…
Nothing world ending. XD

I been through 2 rounds of testlive versions. I do use it to have a sneak peek at what’s new. I also do everything I can to find and report issues and bugs. Unfortunately the size of the game makes it hard to find everything or anything sometimes.

Take the relic hunter treasure seekers as an example. There was nothing in the patch notes to suggest that any changes were made to thralls or NPC’s for that matter. So what would be the point of testing them. The only way would have been to have every thrall spawned into the game and perform a server restart. That’s very intensive and time consuming. Much like finding hay in a haystack.

So where do you go from there? You test new things, additions, subtractions and listed changes. Beyond that you just play the game and hope your memory serves you well enough to spot differences.

Unfortunately I don’t think there are many people playing testlive at the moment so the number of bugs that get through may be heightened.

For those of you that do play testlive and report your findings, both publicly and privately. I applaud you! Many things get found and fixed before the patch launches.

In closing it’s a player base testing the game and unfortunately it’s never going to be perfect. But we can always chase excellence.

Good luck out there Exiles.


Thanks for the replies.

I didn’t mean to come off harsh. Nor was it my intention to offend anyone. Particularly any of the mods here. I don’t envy all the crap they have to put up with.

I was thinking yesterday where/how I would rate Conan Exiles as a game using awful, bad, average, good, very good, exceptional, flawless and legendary as the ratings. I decided that I think the game is in the exceptional rating. It’s certainly not flawless but really far removed from awful or bad. So thank you Funcom for the great game.


@Technicolorfool you’re good dude. Seems to me you’re just looking for knowledge, no offense was taken. The best guide is the patch notes which change every new round of testlive. Then just get creative in your playing/testing.

Because there are threads who want reboots of testlive… Why dont testlive servers also automatically reboot??

Then people would have (probably) encountered the relic hunter bug.

Hey there,

We do check the Testlive sections, particularly when there’s any version different than the live build of the game being tested in this branch. Once that is sent to the main branch, we mostly keep our eyes to the other forum sections as any feedback coming from Testlive past that point is the same as the other branches.
As per why the updates sometimes contain issues not present on Testlive, that can be a myriad of reasons. One is that there’s not as many players trying it out, and with that there’s less particular hardware configurations running that build so less chances to spot certain technical problems. And in cases of bugs that happen, say, with a repro rate of 50%, again less chances to spot them in action. Other times the build slightly differ, with some changes that did not make it into Testlive, others that could not and others just human mistakes (yes, we’re human!). With a sandbox game such as Conan Exiles, many systems are inter-dependent and the smallest unexpected change in one of them can bring some unexpected and critical problems into a dependent system.
And as to why some reported issues on Testlive make it into the live builds of the game, again we can only reach so far and sometimes we choose to release with known minor issues and patch them later rather than postponing the launch of the patch. But mostly we aim to release the builds into the live branch with as many fixes for known issues as we possibly can.
Hope that shed some light into the process of Testlive.


It was on topic…

The topic was: WHY didnt Funcom see the bug.
Reason: Testlive servers dont reboot like normal do.

Why I know it? Because of this reboot-threads.

And honestly, I have enough of this whole whatever you want to call it…
I even downloaded the Devkit to help the Wiki with its scripts, but then again, why should I invest any time in this game, when the main problem for enough is “wrong thread” and not catastrophical updates/patches…

Be Happy that you have driven me away… have fun with whatever state this game is in…

Sorry, this is a misunderstanding. I’ve gone on desktop, read up on it and see what you mean. I was aware that some issues can be caused by a server restart, but I have not followed this issue enough to know that it was. I have removed my post. Thank you.

It is also possible that feedback on your post may sound harsh, I don’t mean it to do so. And no offense. It is not the main focus of a thread, only a friendly notice (so if you do something wrong, you know what you did wrong and/or that the flaggnig function was not abused).
If someone makes a mistake in correcting you, like I did, feel free to let them know what you think they misunderstood. You can always DM with them.

Please understand that I am not an employee. I unfortunately can not fix in-game issues for you. Someone reading the forum is allowed to give feedback on your post if they reason why, without having to participate in the thread. I try to participate in threads by providing information to reduce the amount of speculation (from speculation you may get incorrect information. The consequence is that you will get the wrong idea of something). Contributing to the wiki can really help to help others. I appreciate any contributions. So, again, thank you.


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