When are we getting the next Testlive Update?

The full extent of the new combat system must be tested before it hits the launch (ok, ty Sigurd, the captain obvious). What’s worrying me is that the current Build has absolutely nothing to be tested further, there are too many missing things for us to give a more thorough feedback, so basically I’m asking when is the update going to be released hehe

I’ve studied Game Development in University ages ago (although I don’t work in the Industry, I’m a filmmaker), I understand the processes and I know I won’t be able to give anymore useful feedback on this build. I’ve also noticed that there are so many changes (through the Streams), that most of what is now in Testlive is a false positive, so even if I make a list of feedbacks 90% of them were already completely changed or outright addressed in the Dev Build…

Anyway, I’m being prolix, just answer the question if possible,



I might be wrong, but as far as they said on the dev stream they have to wait for xbox/microsoft certification to push the patch to all platforms at once.

that’d be for Live, not Testlive

But what I mean is that they have enough to push to stable directly, so they might not want to push into testlive but directly into stable. I might be wrong of course. :smiley:

that’d be a mistake, there are bugs that are impossible for the dev team to track down, hence why Testlive exists in the first place… The Live build is meant to be in the best shape possible for more meticulous bugs to get found by the larger player-base… But it is possible that they might want to skip Testlive at this stage, too close to launch…

All in all, they could talk about Testlive directly instead of only talking about the live updates on the streams… I’ve tried to ask but wasn’t answered…

Problem with going Live directly is that the game will more likely than not be really broken when it hits the update.

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They have already said they will push another testlive patch and then a live patch and then release.

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This is by no means meant to be argumentative, please forgive my directness. As a long-time member of the Testlive family I understand our role has a few important parts. First, we are the final line of Quality Assurance. Second, we can show how flaws or errors persist through different builds. Third, as players, a lot of us know how to break the game.

Yesterday I turned three glitches in to Exploit Hunters. Regardless of their utility or importance, these help the devs understand a multitude of data, especially if the same exploit keeps being reported. In this case, these were novel, at least to me.

One of these exploits is from the Live Build. It persists in the Testlive Build. This means that in however many months of code, this flaw has not been identified by QA. This is another important metric.

So keep playing, this is no fools’ errand, your feedback is important. :sunny:

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I’m not beta/alpha testing for Funcom, otherwise I’d be hired to do so, I play to the extent that I can / want to, so minor glitches or exploits are not something I’m looking for, I’m looking for balance and core meta feedback, like combat, building, etc.

That’s the beauty of it, you are one kind of player testing the game, while I’m another entirely… :wink: To me, there’s nothing to be tested in Testlive anymore, already got the core, took my time to watch the Streams and I know that the core gameplay has changed too much for me to help with anything. I’m not alone in this, in fact, most players are like me simply because there’s no time to waste trying to go through walls, for instance haha

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