What exactly is the Point of Testlive?

I’m having a hard time with this statement from the Patch notes for 2.2

“Selecting a race other than default during character creation will cause the player character to use audio files from other creatures. We’re looking into it and we’ll fix it in an upcoming hotfix. Until then, enjoy the chaos.”

Fix it in an “Upcoming Hotfix”?!?

What is the point of Test if you’re not going to Fix it before it hits Live Servers?

Isn’t the point of “Test” to discover issues and address them on Test and fix these things before they get to Live? Seriously what is the thinking behind this?


Hot fix is for test live… so enjoy the oddity of broken audio file. =2

I mean… hey, the guy/gal can be fixing audio issue that isnt breaking anything other then people running around making rhino screams? Or fixing peoples thralls weapons and shields going bonkers?

It can wait. XD

There more important things to put staff on then audio files not working right… inless it was Rhino screams for every sound file… that be weird. =p

Past experience tells me this is not the case. And they mean it will be fixed in a Hotfix after it goes live.

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/shrugs, Testlive just went up 26th? for last one. (console user) Not like this update is ready for live with thrall weapons being goofy.

Mhhm but Ignasis has been going around saying this is a WIP testlive build and in an upcoming hotfix for testlive so maybe there is some hope in it being used properly instead of “hey guys come over to testlive to preview the bugs and exploits you will be getting next week in live” :sweat_smile:

Of course if they decide to shove it straight into live AGAIN feel free to bring out the pitchforks but give em (yeah I know another chance, RIP, we all here cos we love the game but the patience is running real thin for alot of pc players right now even the ones that normally stand up for Funcom) to actually do better this time :slight_smile:

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You could also be one of us console users… sitting here… waiting for what is forever for anything. XD

Heck, I’ll have wait till start of 2021 to get my horse and gazelle out of my *** on inclines. XD


Hehe yeah I have seen console has had a bunch of issues too :’( Console almost always gets updated last :sweat_smile: One of the reasons I moved to PC and we has mods too hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you’re gazelles are a little horneeeee for you you should be flattered that the gazelle gunning for you :joy: hope you get the point :joy:

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Testlive is doing exactly what is supposed to. To have broken stuff in it which HAVE to be fixed before pushing it to live.

Maybe 3rd time will be the charm, so here it goes:

  • Conan Exiles Developers please keep this 2.2 on testlive until is ready for live. Do not cut it Shorts again, please!
  • Nobody here on forums “require” NEW content added fast, especially no Broken NEW content
  • who cares if you do not make your timelines, we are At the point where the game does not need NEW content

It finds itself at the point where it needs good and thought decisions, i still Trust that at the end(full release of siptah) you can come out and say that you are proud of what you achieved.

You need us too, the players, in Order to achieve it. Stop pushing us away with poorly thought decisions.


Lol how long have you played this game, I myself have reported issues in test live that go live and then stay in the game for weeks and weeks before fixed.

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You clearly missunderstood the “HAVE”.

The gamepad on the console rocks. I won’t go back to PC unless the game supports the gamepad or touch controllers. Using the mouse for everything, even with extra buttons for macros, is getting old. Durable mouse controller is expensive, like buying the game again and again.

I have patience.

“Hotfix” is confusing? It means the distribution of content can be downloaded directly to the PC. Normally there would be a certification process that takes weeks longer to push an update.


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Clearly most people know exactly what I mean, even if you do not, which is fine. We report issues on Testlive that is not addressed, rushed to Live servers, we have to deal with all these issues they knew about since Testlive on Live for weeks to months at a time.

They then do a new Patch and never address the old issues and just add more issues in the new Patch that get reported on Testlive and not addressed for weeks to months.

It’s an endless cycle of bugs/glitches being added patch after patch and not addressed. Most of us are at the point we just want the game working like we know it can, not new content added.

If they took a whole patch just to fix bugs and get this game working great, and not add anything new, that would be a good day to behold.

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I play this game on my PC with an Xbox controller.

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From what @Ignasis said over a few threads, it sounded like their biggest issue happens when they merge code. Funcom said there is inactive code in the live version and its sources. That was in response to the released videos. Now I understand people like @Wak4863 see that code and question it.

As a programmer, I understand mod makers, too.

I have both Xbox (PC) and PS (console) controllers. I do have one exception on the PC, that is to run the VR headset and touch controllers. Some games ported to immersive VR requires the xbox controller, however.

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What is it for, thats easy, to show your what crap will be here in a few days.

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Hey there,

The point of Testlive is to release Work in Progress builds of the game so players can give it a look earlier, provide feedback and spot any potential critical issues, both bugs and stability-wise, before releasing them live. Bigger updates take longer time while critical fixes are addressed; smaller patches have a shorter time period and are published to spot potential stability problems when there are fixes or changes considered risky in terms of the general technical stability of the game.

The point is to fix it. Given the scope of this patch, with over 200 fixes and changes, we decided to release it before the Thanksgiving vacations to give players who would like to give this build a go, more time to play around with the build and provide feedback that will be acted upon with the next iteration of this build. Characters playing the wrong audio files was not considered a critical, blocker issue from a stability or gameplay perspective for a Work in Progress, testing build released in the public testing branch of the game. A fix for this will come as one of the fixes in the second iteration of this update, also to be released on Testlive, which will also undergo a round of feedback.

In previous patches, we have not succeeded in estimating the impact of some issues spotted over Testlive, sometimes due to our oversight, others due to a lack of feedback received making it difficult to assess the impact and risk with a small pool of data. For that we apologize and strive to do better in this and future rounds of Testlive. As always, we would like to tend an invitation to those who want to bring a change for the betterment of the game, to play with this build and report any issues spotted in it so we can act upon them.

Hope this has cleared out any confusion. We’ll proceed to close the thread as we would prefer to focus on feedback regarding this build of the game so it can be properly addressed for the future live release.

Thanks for your feedback and understanding.

Edit: Reworded a line to clear out confusion.