Official response regarding testlive

Ok, so the following comes from a response by Ignasis just before closing the thread -
"In previous patches, we have not succeeded in estimating the impact of some issues spotted over Testlive, sometimes due to our oversight, others due to a lack of feedback coming from players actually testing the build. For that we apologize and strive to do better in this and future rounds of Testlive. "

First, let me say that I appreciate both the apology and the longer response - as always communication is appreciated and it appears that Funcom (or at least Ignasis) recognises the level of frustration building among the players.

I also appreciate that @Ignasi is not responsible for these decisions and is always the one that ends up having to put out the fires - a truly thankless task. I want it to be understood that many of us do appreciate your communication and I wish to thank you for all that you do.

That said, the suggestion that ‘a lack of feedback coming from players actually testing the build’ has anything to do with why the past couple of major updates have been pushed live without addressing the many bugs that I and others both tested and reported is extremely frustrating. I disagree entirely - the reason there are fewer and fewer people using testlive is because it has appeared to do no good whatsoever to use it - if reported bugs are ignored, why would people expect that to be different in future?

I recognise that this may have simply been an unfortunate turn of phrase, and that the apparent meaning (that testlive’s failings are somehow due to the fault of the players testing for free a product on behalf of the company) may not have been what was intended. I recognise that, but right now I am sufficiently angry that I am going to take a day or two away from the forums and from testlive, because otherwise there is a good chance that I will go on the offensive.


Hey @DanQuixote

There is indeed a misunderstanding regarding that line. Apologies for that, it will be reworded now to prevent further confusion. The intended meaning for it is, that for us to evaluate an issue, we sometimes need a bigger pool of data to correctly assess its possible impact and risk.

Hope that cleared out, and apologies again for the confusion.


Thank you Dan :3 <3 And everyone else who does spend their free time in test live to report bugs and make suggestions to try and make the game better and more stable for everyone, you are the real MVP’s :smiley_cat:


Thank you for the response @Ignasi, it is appreciated. Tensions are running high right now (globally, even beyond the game, let’s be honest). I am glad that was not the intended meaning.

I certainly understand that a larger data pool is needed to assess the impact of system changes (for example, the changes to healing, changes to crafting or changes to stamina are all things that absolutely need as many players as possible to interact with them, before a reasonable assessment can be made - it matters very little that I quite like the first two and dislike the third, because that is only an individual opinion and offers very little if any insight into what the broader player base may feel|). It is more often the bugs that concern me, and you have clarified that is not what you are referring to.


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