Are duo S&P scenarios harder since the patch?

While the solos at my top level, E6, seem the same, I think there’s a distinct difference in the number and difficulty of adds in the duo Seek and Preserve’s, though the bosses seem about the same. For one thing, the “announcer” keeps interrupting himself with lines like “spawn protocols engaged” and “spawning advanced hostile” overlapping, so the number of adds in general and tough ones in particular seems greater than before, and specific adds, like the flying specters in the Mansion, seem to be healing themselves when they cluster up, the way that happens in Occult Defense.

Maybe I’m just not playing as well, but my success rate for duo’s is down, even when I’m playing with a partner who has way stronger gear and is clearly at a higher E-level than me. And yet I’m doing as well as ever in the solos, with only rarely a fail, so I get this feeling and wonder if anyone else has noticed it.


Duos are definitely significantly harder than Solo- both in terms of bullet sponginess and their damage output.

Agreed but my main question has to do with difficulty pre- and post- the Dark Agartha patch. Do others observe that one, the other or both are now more difficult? While we’re at it, what’s bullet sponginess?

That’d be how much of a bullet sponge something is. A big bullet sponge will soak up far more bullets than a small one would, which lets us work out their sponginess :smiley: