Are meteor showers more frequent now?

A couple of months ago I was complaining about no geting a single meteor shower for ~2 years. One day I saw one… and another… and another. 3 in 1,5 hours!

Now on my new character (less than 2 months old) I got several meteors. Not regularly still, but more frequently, roughly every 3 days. And here comes the main part: the first one triggers 5-6 of them!!
LITERALLY I got meteor showers every 10-15 minutes after the first one.
I barely find 4-5 nodes at the Stargazer’s crest and Outcas camp region, I hear another series of BOOMs from the other part of the mountain range. I run, find some of them, collect them, amd BOOM, at the Ymir statues and the forest below them there are a ton of nodes. I fight my way through direwolves, (now) normal mammoths and sabertooths, smack a couple of nodes, aaand you’ve guessed it: another BOOOOOM.

That is crazy. I now hav 4 large chests full of star metal bars in a matter of 3-4 days. Does anybody else experience this?

Sad story: my loyal friend Fenrir, who has 4600 HP, 800 armor (for a pet!!!) and 48 STR. died because 1 direwolf and an elite sabertooth grinded him down VERY quickly. (not to mention he carried 8K of star metal ore, 25 gas and 25 demon fire orbs). I had him from the beginning, he was my ONLY companion.

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They’re real beast, two-shotting anyone :disappointed_relieved:

back on exiled lands I had base in the crevice, and meteors were pretty frequent (they dropped every hour or couple), definitely not as frequent as you describe, but getting star metal wasn’t hard I was swimming in bars

Are you maybe playing in a server now?

With maxed out Vitality AND heavy armor at half health the… I don’t know how to call it, but the leap with two front legs smacking you down (:rofl:) was a oneshot to me sadly. Thankfully I did not forget to place my bedroll down in the near this time.
I don’t mind if they are this strong, since @tobi04 I play on single player and I need a challenging environment.

@drachenfeles my base is on the Riversend, so technically right next to the meteor-zone so I spend most of my time around there. So that’s what triggers the meteor shower. But this many times? I don’t need this amount of star metal AGAIN, now that I crafted all of my stuff and repairing does no cost that much especially with legendary repair kits in hand.

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Ok that kind of answers my question. It’s obviously gonna be more than once in 2 years now that the area is constantly loaded but I don’t know why it’s every 15 minutes

that may be the answer to your constant meteor shower

Meteor season? :rofl:

Like I said on my previous character I only had 3 in 2 years and I had a base near the Frost temple obelisk.
So maybe I have a VERY strange RNG right now.
With my new character it is more frequent, but not daily. But if one occurs it triggers a complete mayhem.

I honestly don’t know. No changes mentioned, I have no contact with dev. members to confirm that they changed something, NOTHING.
Just guessing, and blaming RNG. :upside_down_face:

frost temple is not trigger location, that’s why you haven’t seen any

Near the obelisk: on the frozen slopes. I just didn’t know the are name, and it is a trigger location, and a meteor zone, because… half of my base was destroyed by a meteorite.

afaik trigger zone is mounds / south snow area, but they fall allover the place, but I may be wrong

Nah, I can back @rolee9309 on this one (anecdotally at least) - I’ve definitely spent a bunch of time up on the frozen slopes without coming via the southern part and still triggered meteors (in singleplayer). Had the exact same experience - it just looks like such a tempting place to build, lol. (And I never saw meteors there before I built a large building… maybe that’s the trigger :wink: )

oh yeah, I remember people complaining about meteors always hitting their maprooms

Right - I mean, it just seems like such a natural place to put one…


Probably the buildings are magnetic because of the reinforcements and maproom magic-stuff!!
Hah hah… my base… :sob:

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