Are purges turned off?

Are purges turned off , because its advertised on the steam store page it says there will be purges , there are none on our server and its an official server.

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there were purges a few weeks ago, now purge meter doesn’t move, and no one having purges for weeks.

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Yes, they turned them off with the pets update and didn’t turn them on again. Everyone is waiting for almost a month but they don’t seem to find what they did that bugged the purge meter.

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where is the offical version of this information ?
was it addressed in a thread here on the forums?

Funcom has acknowledged in a couple of threads that they altered purge mechanics but for multiplayer servers it seems to have caused issues of purge meters not filling (or clearing too quickly) and hence purges not spawning.
Single player games do not seem to have the same issue.
They are working on it the last I read. Sorry it’s not easy for me to find and link the post as it was shortly after the pet update and I’m typing this from my phone so can’t alt-tab to find then link. If you search amongst Jens or Tascha’s posts then you may find it.

ty i will look that way

Edit: @Ziplock see also: on the Official Wiki


Someone has posted something about this. Forgot where, sorry.

Long story short:
Any server hosted by GPortal comes with the issue of purge meters not filling. (Hint by yet another user.)
Said person from above showed how a typo which is supposed to be there but had been “fixed” by GPortal in serversettings. It seems the typo causes purgemeter not to fill.
This is also why purge works perfectly fine on sp.

So it seems fixing purge would be fairly easy. Aside of having purge hit pillar bases or similar.

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Yes, but not only on G-portal, believe me.

So the “G-portal fix” may have broken it just bit more, but it’s not the main-reason, not the only.

Seems be related bit to all servers, but again, some are touched, while others don’t. We have plenty such bugs in this game. Like bugs touching some players, but not the other one just beside.

I think simply many rented G-portal server because they are kind of official hoster for this game, so lots report from players on this server-host.


It’s not only servers from GPortal it seems. And Jens (or Tascha, can’t recall who) said they already asked GPortal to change that variable with the typo to what it was before, and that didn’t fix the problem.
The problem was caused by that update where they changed the purge mechanics, something got messed up. They should undo those changes and make it as it was, in our server people were having 2 purges a week and that was fine, since the update no purge at all on our official server.

Let’s say, this update broke maybe a bit more the purge, or for more servers than previously.
There was still servers also before that patch without a working purge. Or purge stopping from one day to the other. Purge has all the time been a problem-child.

It would be a very cool feature if working right, but seems there is still a long way to go.

Nuria and @Vattende,

know that I keep the wiki up to date usually with important notices on at least the Upcoming features and The Purge page.

Edit: We had to remove the notice on the gportal issue. It should be resolved soon though.

Vattende, you are correct on it not being the only problem. There are always going to be overlapping and specific issues everytime a bug like this pops up. Notes on The Purge page are only there as a fair warning/just a collection of issues - wikis are not supposed to list issues after all.

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That would be me. :slight_smile:

We haven’t turned Purges off, but there are some bugs in the system causing them to not trigger as they’re meant to. We have people working on improving it and fixing the bugs.

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