Are the characters ( our player) supposed to talk?

whats the purpose of the voice option?

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It is popular on RP servers and the only option for communication on consoles, afaik.

Now that I think about it again, maybe you meant the character voice option during character selection. I usually don´t have sounds on but doesn`t it affect the combat sounds we make?

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Basically it just change way your character sound when swinging weapon, getting hit and dieing that pretty much off the top of my head. Might be more but I am not sure.


It would be interesting if we could speak some phrases, kind of like doing emotes, but with sounds instead of actions.

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Yes a nice stoic death rattle.

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Yes, this exactly. I’ve tried every voice option. It just changes the grunts and groans.

There is a mod that allows a silent option Fashionist I look for this mod if I’m going to play on a private server, and use it in single play because I prefer “silent” but still want to hear the ambient sounds which is why I don’t just mute the game as Narelle does.

Maybe someday silent will be a base game option? one can only hope.

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