Are the official servers not moderated?

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We just switched over to a conflict server and clans have walled off the volcano and another one has built foundations all over the map like the Great Wall of China.

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Correct the official servers are not moderated. Please see the below link for Funcom’s stance on official servers:

Awesome. So if a group of exploiters, using known exploits btw(exploit hunters tool won’t help) , come and wipe every clan in the server(over 20 players) there is absolutely no recourse? Just report them through Xbox and quit the server? Sounds like a great idea.

Seems to me it wouldn’t be too difficult to check the logs and clearly see what these people are doing. Perhaps it is and FC should put the tools in place to remedy the problem. I know foundation spamming isn’t exploiting, it’s just really annoying and something should be done about land claiming perhaps involving the shelter mechanic or number and tier of foundations used.

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