Are there any fixes due soon for this game?

Specifically, I saw a thread a few weeks ago of a lot of people sharing their experiences with lag spikes and fps drops causing bad stuttering across different platforms and on everything from low end to high end pc’s. I recently fired up the game and it’s all still there and terrible as ever. Is any of this going to get fixed any time soon?
Despite the laundry list of problems this game has, the ones I’ve mentioned are the ones keeping me from playing. The stuttering messes with my eyes after a bit and is irritating as hell.
I like this game. I’d hate to have to dump it, but I’m not waiting forever. Feeling a little ripped off here…9 months post release and counting.

Currently test live has a huge list of fixes on its just not out for official just yet.

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Thread you refer to is probably this one. Some of Funcom’s employee’s are back from vacation/holiday break but not everybody, they are not yet at full force.

Just before they went to holiday break (literally stayed on a day longer then planned and sent the patch to testlive on a Saturday), Funcom released yet another major patch to testlive. You can read those patch notes here. The current guess for when testlive will be moved to live is a few weeks.


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Funcom got lots of report of lag and stuttering after their 10Dec patch … they worked on the issue and released a hotfix for it prior to the break and this helped some people to varying degrees … but not completely fixed … which they are also aware of. Ignasis has been compiling the feedback from the community - including videos of problems - hopefully the developers can reproduce the problems to then find out the causes and fix them.

You do not need to reproduce. Just connect on any official server.

What I mean is: They need to be able to reproduce it on their internal testing platforms because that is where they alter game code to see if it fixes the issue. If they can’t reliably generate the errors or problems then they can’t get a proper diagnosis on what code is causing it.

This is why some issues are easy to fix and others have taken months to resolve.(staring hard at the purge bar and suicidial teleporting thralls, whilst wondering if my corpse will be where I died.)

:slight_smile: it dos not work this way mate. Im a programmer as well. the problem start with last update, so is simple to spot the problem. After so many days with lag spikes and server gos down like flys 2, 3 times /day this is call indifference. With other words they canto be bother at this time of the year to fix what they bug. With a testlive server and a willing community they manage to implement a bug update on live server and then they go on Holidays. 0 F…ks given. This is not acceptability from a register software company.
And pleas do not try to find excuse from them cause there are non. This is not Alpha or beta, and we did not start QQ from the first day, we w8 a week we play with lag and we understand, they did not respect us as players, look at the forum, our problem starts on 15 dec. and they acknowledge the problem on 2 of jan 2019 after we flood the forum, till then they ignore it or send us to the bloody report tool. All this say allot about Funcom. Im very disappointed i was thinking they are one of a few on gaming industry that they give a F…k. Apparently they don’t.


i did :slight_smile:
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As stated above, we released a major patch on Testlive and we’re currently gathering feedback on it. You can see its patch-notes here:

Also, as stated on the performance issues feedback thread, we’re investigating that issue and gathering feedback on it daily. Once we can share some more information on it, we definitely will. :slight_smile:

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They’ve already reproduced the issue on their live streams, albeit not as bad as it happens on mine and my friend’s PC’s.
I don’t know guys and gals…this is my first experience with Funcom and I have to say I’m markedly unimpressed. I guess I’m just used to dealing with the top dogs in the industry, but being a huge fan of Robert E. Howard’s Conan that I am, I had to give it a shot and bought it in early access. I even laid out the bucks for the Barbarian Edition before the official release because I thought they had something here. And I had a G-Portal server that I’ve since shut down due to all the issues.
Gotta admit, this is my first and last early access purchase and I probably won’t look twice at another Funcom product. I just hope they get this one right soon because I really do like it and I hate to think I wasted all that money. Hard lesson learned. I plan to give it till April before I scrub it off my drives and cut my losses. A full year of waiting is enough…too much actually. This game should be near perfect by now.

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