Arena Gate appearance

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Why does the Arena Gate change appearance when you get close to it? I know it’a a really trivial issue, but over time, it gets a bit annoying. Definitely my favorite building, but the gate bug just grabs my attention.

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This is called LOD, or level of detail. Conan Exiles typically uses LOD0 (highest detail), LOD1, LOD2, and LOD3. The closer to LOD0, the more detail (polygons, verts, edges, etc) there is in the object.

Pretty much every game asset made in the last like, well since basically 3D games became a thing have this. The game engine is designed to load lower quality objects the further away you are. So in Conan Exiles case, it starts at LOD3, then works its way down until you reach x,y,z distance where LOD0 renders in.

Conan Exiles has a game setting (view distance?) that makes it so it loads the LOD0 from further out, depending on the setting. Ideally, when designing games its best to make LOD1 and LOD0 a subtitle change, rather then anything crazyness.

I think Conan Exiles may have a pretty aggressive LOD setting though for performance reasons (in particular consoles and low end machines). So setting View Distance to Ultra (or whatever it is) may be ideal for certain situations if your computer can handle it.


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