[XBOX ONE X] worries about displaying objects on conan exiles

Hello, worries conan exiles xbox one solo/coop/multi
I do not understand why small objects like jare, wooden cup etc … disappears at 2 meters. then when it is raproche it is displayed!

  • bug level small objects distance display
  • the engrams of the royal dress and the sword, is not displayed.

This also happens to me.
I also have Xbox One X and the skulls and notes disappear almost literally to take two steps back.

It is ridiculous the LOD of these objects, I do not think that it affects much the performance to that they disappear to a greater distance.

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Absolutely, I find it a little boring because we craft small decor to ganir but 2 meters it disappeared more we had said that we will have the royal armor at the exit of the game I see no one by.

Its the game engine they are using besides Unreal engine they are using two other engines one for texture streaming and the other for polygon reduction in real time. This is how Conan Exiles can handle so many objects and building parts with minimal lag unlike ark. That is what your seeing. Texture streaming and polygon manipulation.

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he could still fix it, also no what is it used to 2 meters objects disappears. in addition to the concerns of engram of the royal dress they had said at the exit. in addition to rain or snow falling in closed buildings. of what we have to say to make slaves of them, which disappears, and of the cares which the slaves, when given to them, and the arms, even take arms in their hands. when it follows us that we are attacked, they do nothing.
(on ps4 it’s worse but the small decorative objects do not disappear)

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