Armor changes and stuff

Not interested in crafting each piece of armor to find out what they do now.

I know pict wizard was turned into vitality set.

Why not just include the stats on the bench?

Or maybe I am missing something.


But if they did that, what would the traffic to the wiki look like?

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That would be a tick to user friendly /sarcasm

Why we cannot properly see values during crafting is beyond me. Probably their idea of new to try things our, survival thing and so on but it makes no sense and they never bothered to change this in any way. Not even with such a major update (which mostly broke the game on all platforms).

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I guess. Lol. Thanks

Less to be sure, but there is still plenty of information in the wiki to make it interesting and well travelled.

It has not been updates really.

Certain ones I am sure will be the same. Accuracy sets seem to be the confusing part.

Again. Pict Wizard went to vitality. So not sure what to make

No wisdom on Int stat to put it in I suppose.

Some also offer follower damage so that makes sense.

You know they have added a spell that highlights nearby resource nodes - yep, same resource nodes you can already see from 30m away? :rofl:

It is a miracle we are still allowed to see any item stats at all - and not forced to cast a spell every time we want to do it :rofl:

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Right!!! How is this not a thing?

Also…So like. I have a master bench for Armor (Which assumes I am also a master) After 60 levels, my thrall and I can’t even bleeping tell if something is grit or agility armor.

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