Armor Padding missing

Is anyone else missing Armor paddings? or am I just not looking in the right workbench? even light padding is missing… :frowning:

I would like to know this as well…

I am totally confused by this… I cannot find where to make padding…

The padding is made on the armorers benches.

I don’t know wtf is going on… if I join an online game, I can see the patch 2.1 content… but if I play single player, the content (new benches and stuff) is not there.
In the single player game I started the other night, the new padding is not available on the armorer’s bench.
I am terribly confused.

Are you running mods? Is your game fully updated, press escape and check what version/revision you have?

Disregard my last… it was a mod that was causing it… not sure which one, if I find out I will report back.

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It appears to be fixed in yesterdays patch, the actual padding was not added it was just the old ones. even un modded I was seeing this issue, Padding should now be in the Armor smiths.

Really I am missing the perfect padding, I only got the old ones

Check your mods and make sure your game is updated.

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