Patch Notes Incorrect


The NPCS are still dropping flawless items (just got a flawless medium tasset from ana the reaver). Also padding still required for repaairs. Both these things are listed in the todays patch notes as being fixed. I have restarted my server and it is set to auto-update. Also reinstalled server but same outcome. Anyone seeing anything different as far as these two items from the patch notes are concerned?

I believe it. Patch notes also said “Adjusted inventory sizes, cooking rates, and fuel timers for Tanneries and Furnaces”

I was hoping the Higher Tier Furnaces got more inventory slots, but nope they are the same as before 30.

Well it I may be miss leading but they might have meant in general did these things to bench not all has been redone say time and burn for bench and others just inventory but I’m not sure 100% but did you check to see if they are doing any others instead of inventory

It says “Inventory Slots were Adjusted for Furnaces” So with that did I test Every Furance no, but I did ask my server if anyone noticed a difference in Inventory slots on Furnaces, answer I got was no. Was about 20 players online.

Also my server tells me it still takes Padding to Repair Armor, when the patch notes said that was removed as a component needed to repair.

Modded server?

According to Hotfix 2.1.1 notes: “Repairing armors no longer requires paddings”. It is not true-today tried to repair my epic Slaveforged Guardian set-it still requires perfected heavy padding. Official PVE server , EU.

They acknowledged at least the armor paddings just now. IDK why it took so long for that part

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Don’t even try. Funcom failed once again with their updates.


Sorry I meant each has a teir per say and each does different bonus thus the may have altered all of they just not inventory on all they for all I know may have added it to one but not others I hope that clears up what I meant and sorry for the miss understanding

If you say they failed again then why keep playing (no pun intended) but more of it takes a padding means devastating to game play it just a QOL won’t stop game from working and @Multigun was asking if it a mod for all he know it could be his :joy: but mods can interfere with this since it pc as Xbox ps4 doesn’t have that benefit or problem so he asking a ? To help identify and if possible eliminate the cause and help find the root of the problem to make it a easier fix for both funcom or mod author who may not know about the problem

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No mods, pure vanilla.

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