PC Hotfix (04.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.1: Balancing and fixes for the Economy patch!

Missing recipes for t3 carpenter benches are now there. Missing recipes for t3 blacksmith benches are still missing. Can still craft legendary weapon repair kits at tinker bench but can no longer craft legendary armor repair kits.


The whole godbreaker set is broken (ironic) by the looks of it. All items only give 1 bonus attribute point. The same happened to some other legendary sets like the Arena’s champion. Leggings still give 2 bonus points while everything else is down to 1.

I am trying to repair armor and still being asked for paddings.


Khari Weapons and Armors attribute points are missing. An example: The Khari Pike gives me only 3+ Grit points.

The legendary weapon repair kit requires a T4 blacksmith with the hammer icon (is it durability?) on the tinkerer bench.

Update regarding the armor padding issue:


So could you give us an update on the bug where nothing makes ichor as we have been told that is a bug and no vines still anywhere but a few in chests and the RNG on that is almost nothing but no word on when we might expect a few to these issues. As to be honest it seems we get a few moments of yes these are bugs but never an update when when we might expect these bugs to be fixed.

I know its a pain to be asked over and over but its very frustrating to be playing and all of a sudden things are no longer even in the game to do the things we have been doing for years but no word on when they will be fixed.


Exact as i reported above.

Thank you! I can’t speak for anyone else, but I appreciate being told what happened. :slight_smile:


Thank you for communicating with us. We appreciate the news and look forward to the next hotfix that will fix everything (here’s hoping). [sarcasm not intended… this time]


Hmm… Before the upgrade, the frost giant’s armor gave +8 strength and 7 vitality, and now +8 strength and +6 vitality. This is certainly not directly critical, but not pleasant. If you replace one piece of armor with the old perfect one (pants), it will also be +8 +7, but new players will no longer be able to do this and I will have an advantage in characteristics. It’s not fair. And why is the torch falling from the skeleton no longer eternal?)

Thank you for the news. Please hotfix steel and iron reinforcements into that fix…my masterpiece is at a standstill and my old blacksmiths make 1 steel reinforcement every 5 days :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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revert the passive fish gain that’s just a stupid adjustment only to create unnecessary grind i have no interest in farming bugs all day and having fridges with bugs so that i can have some fish for oil. Who thought this was a great idea? even in real life fish traps can catch fish passively without 10000 bugs.

just make the rate lower than it was before if u wanna change it that badly (not that anyone asked though)


Steam downloaded a 719.5MB patch for me and there’s no indication of what it’s about. Patch notes?

Hugo, any chance we can get feedback on:

  • Godbreaker Stat Adjustments?
  • Removal of Legendary Patch Kits?
  • Insulated Wood crafts quicker on a Improved Bench vs T3 Bench
  • Still no Iron Reinforcements on New Blacksmith Benches


Was wondering if the crafting oil with the alchemist bench was on the list?

@gyelix it is fixed on TestLive, we should get the oil recipe back with the next patch

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Sorry but still repairing of armors requires paddings :frowning:

Well you are not totally correct. If you use seed instead of fish you can take it as a lawn mowing simulation also… :innocent:
What i want to say is, you have to mow whole landscapes to get seed in the required amounts to produce oil for even one set of armor. So its really annoying to produce oil since the update, no matter whether you use fish or seed or combine both.