PC Hotfix (04.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.1: Balancing and fixes for the Economy patch!

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Godbreaker boots only provide +1 Encumberance now? New Glitch?


I tried that once. I will try it again.

Where do you make the Legendary Armor repair kits in Siptah? I saw notes that tempersmith should be the one to make but we cant make the repair kits anywhere. Thanks for fixing the delved armors!!!

Awesome! But empty boss chest still occurs. Can you make it reset when boss is killed? Is it really such a problem to do? :confused:

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Great patch nope not not not NOT really , the new named thralls added still get killed by every thing around them , guess hate list is broke again.

No fix for fish that are suppose to provide icor but still do not, btw this was reported from test live.

Vines drop on Spitah from the underwater plants I have been told but no NO they do not drop vines on the Exiles base map which is not even in beta but it still gets broken every single update. Again Exiles map is not in beta so this should even be an issue but again it is broken from the 2.1 update.

Can not fix what has been reported for bugs but take the time to nerf the Silent Legion armor for the bug fix, nice work Funcom. Again you run back to the hidden nerfs instead of fixing what you broke with the update 2.1

Funny thing is that nerf was figured by most to come if you returned Redemed SL in game but why not say you are doing it , its like all of a sudden players see it and wonder if its a bug as there are no patch notes on the sudden nerf.

I just do not understand there was time for someone to go in and change the stats on armor but not time to fix the loot tables to give the things correctly.

Its so frustrating to spend hours in Test live to test and report and it just gets thrown on a list to maybe get fixed some day. A week maybe or a month or a year or maybe never, so frustrating to give time to help hopefully get things fixed before it goes live and effect everyones game , things reported by many to not be important enough to bother fixing. I for one give up, ( yes I know who cares right ) will not be wasting limited play time testing for it to not matter in the end to Funcom anyway.


“goes n start a new game” goes and kills first exile wonderer I see, guess what he drops? FLAWLESS medium cap and FLAWLESS medium Boots :slight_smile:

After the 2.2.1 hotfix the garrison armorers bench asking for perfected heavy padding if i try
to repair my redeemed silent legion armor.

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It’s not working as intended. From 2.1 patch notes:

It’s a bug. It has been caught and reported in TestLive:

Then it got pushed to live and was reported in again:

Both times it has been acknowledged by Funcom. It still hasn’t been fixed.


What CodeMage said + confirmed in the dev’s stream:


lol you must be playing another game, from another company,. its a KNOWN BUG!!! finding bugs in this game does not even need to look for them on the forums, how about if they play their game for a bit ? would you think they could find some? as any average player does? i cant imagine the level of frustration for those who do not complaint here or in any other form, most people just drops the game and move on. it is us the … stubborn that still hangs and complains and complaints to every disastrous patch they drop,(quite the case for the few last patches,). i mean SERIOUSLY, fix one thing and break two? how is that even possible to do? like All the time!!?


Looking forward to seeing what 5.11.2020 Hotfix Hotfix breaks tomorrow. :fire::thisisfine::fire:

Wow no words I even went so far as to make a comment on your video to ask if you had tested it and gave you the link where it was said it was a bug. Over a week ago on your Xbox Update A New Leaks Conan Exiles Economy Dev Stream Highlights video. Same user name even.

Well there’s your problem. Lmao I give up. They don’t even know what they want hahaha

Liquid Press oil recipes have been changed.

  • 10 Unappetizing Fish now give 1 oil.
  • 5 Savory Fish now give 1 oil.
  • 1 Exotic Fish now gives 1 oil.

I stand corrected and will shut up now. Big sorry to @heaventhere Also thanks to @CodeMage for catching my error.




Padding still required to repair armor.

Replication steps:

  • Garrison Armorer’s Bench with Werk of the Lost Tribe thrall
  • Khitan Imperial Breastplate placed on bench and attempted to be repaired (with sufficient Hard Steel Bars and Steel Reinforcement present on the bench).
  • Error: “Repair: Need more Perfected Heavy Padding”

*Delving Bench Broken for Some Items Now (Silent Legion Delve’s, But Produces No Recipe’s Since Patch)
*Shields Delve But Produce No Recipe’s (Issue Since Siptah Launch)
*Missing Legendary Kits with T4 Thralls
*Flawless Armor Still Drops
*Padding is still Required to Repair Armor
*Furnaces seem to be the same Inventory Size
*New Blacksmith Benches Still Missing Iron/Steel Reinforcements.
*Take All Does Not Take All Items

So what exactly changed with this Patch?


Missing recipes for t3 carpenter benches are now there. Missing recipes for t3 blacksmith benches are still missing. Can still craft legendary weapon repair kits at tinker bench but can no longer craft legendary armor repair kits.


The whole godbreaker set is broken (ironic) by the looks of it. All items only give 1 bonus attribute point. The same happened to some other legendary sets like the Arena’s champion. Leggings still give 2 bonus points while everything else is down to 1.

I am trying to repair armor and still being asked for paddings.


Khari Weapons and Armors attribute points are missing. An example: The Khari Pike gives me only 3+ Grit points.