Missing Items after latest patch

First I would like to express thanks for the latest patch overall. However after every patch I always seem to be missing something and everytime until now I have simply looked the other way in hopes things will get better. For the most part they do but the fact remains I am missing things and this time (for me) they are too great not to speak up.

Here is the list of things that have happened or vanished on pve 1746:
1 - As stated in previous posts the Journey looks reset and no map markers. (I fixed this by loggind out and back ib again)
2 - Improved Furnace and T4 Thall, along with its contents, vanished.
3 - Improved Tannery and T4 Thrall, along with its contents, vanished.
4 - 2 Large Chests: 1 Contained 3000 bark (this is the one im most upset about) and several stacks of different bones. The other contained various types and amounts of Hides, Furs and Pelts
5 - Siege Engine vanished. This isnt the first time this has happened.
6 - Thralls fell through ceiling to bottom floor and was stuck in the floor.
7 - Cupboard full of various weapons collected over time but most notably is 6 Legenday Weapons (using Skeleton Key on Legenday Boxes)
8 - Cupboard in same room as #7 but it is a clanmates so I cannot comment on what was in it.

I would like the 3000 bark replaced and 6 skeleton keys to replace the Legendaries. Anything esle would be great but I can replace. I have scfeenshots if needed.

Thank you, Fillina #1746 PVE US server

Bumping up for a response pls

Really? No responce at all?
Well let me add to this 2 more things that have happened:

  1. I use Single player to experiment new ideas and layouts. With that said I have a “copy” of my base that I lost everything on the Single player server. I log in 2 days after this patch and guess what? All the same chests and crafting stations are gone! and 2 more to boot! Coincidense? I think not!

  2. On the 8th i gave 3 blacksmiths 100 Steel bars each to make Steel Reinforcements and place 200 more in a chest near them. Fast forward 25-30 min and the server boots everyone online. We all come back online and find no NPCs in any camps! Took about 5 min and then they all appeared at once. Whole server was talking aboout it. I make my way back to my base and guess what, yes thats right, no steel reinforcements, no steel bars either in the blacksmiths or the chest. Yet another 500 steel bars vanished!

Really, give me some kind of acknowledgement! I am on the virge of quitting and no one at Funcom seems to care…sad face

I, too, lost an advanced furnace, a cupboard and a chest which contained all my star metal, along with other things.
I believe everything that was sitting on wedge foundations disappeared, while everything that was on square foundations or on the ground survived.

There is no support for missing items.

However try avoid putting things on wedges or when you know their placement is glitchy.

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