Improved armorer bench crafting extra paddings when making gear!

Improved armorer bench crafting extra stuff !!!

When crafting a piece of gear at the improved armorers bench with a t3 thrall (maybe other tiers too), It will automatically load into the queue the light, medium, or heavy leather paddings that it would use (that it can create ) from what’s in the benches inventory. so in a nutshell, craft a gear piece and get gear piece and a gazillion paddings in the que as well!

might be a thing called : auto-fill the component queue.

For example (to recreate):
click on say a heavy Tasset (doesn’t matter which one, tried a few, all the same outcome) and it starts to craft said tasset but also loads the corresponding padding it would take, in as many numbers as there are mats.

Public Test Server - US - PVE-C - Isle of Siptah
Siptah 2.4-testlive
AMD Rizen 3 2200G w/Radeon Vega Graphics 3.50ghz
64bit Operating System and processor
Windows 10 Home
16gb ram

I noticed this too when crafting a basic wooden box with a new character, I had the 12 twine needed, it queued another 12 twine and the box.

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thanks for responding, seems to be all crafting then.

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