Armor temperature system change

A +2 heat armor shouldn’t make you colder, it should just be +2 resistance to heat and vice versa.

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I totally agree.

Plus let me say: ok game balance etc. etc. but seriously, in real life an armor protecting you from cold it’s obvious have to make you to feel more warm in the sun (being made of fur etc.).

Viceversa it’s not true: if I wear a vest to protecting me from the sun how it’s possibile it makes me feel colder than if I’m naked in a cold environment ? They’re not made in ice :expressionless:

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It’s just a crappy being able to go around in the more neutral tempered zones in base gear with +1 heat or cold resistance, then upgrading your gear to +2 and not being able to wear it in those same zones because you either overheat or freeze!


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