Arrow Recipe Changes that Make Sense

One thing that has ALWAYS had me shaking my head are the recipes for Oil Arrows and Explosive Arrows.

Um, so you use Poison Orbs to make Poison arrows but the other orbs aren’t used for anything other than…orbs.

This makes no sense!

First of all, the arrows use little glass orbs attached to the arrow heads to disperse the payload (IE: Poison, Oil, or Explosive). So with that being the case, WHY IN THE WORLD do the recipes not use the Demon Fire Orb and the Grease Orb?

So, now I use…glowing essence to make an OIL arrow?

I would suggest:

Oil Arrow

  • Ironhead Arrow
  • Grease Orb
  • Feather

Explosive Arrow

  • Ironhead Arrow
  • Demon Fire Orb
  • Feather

I would personally leave off the redundant feather as the arrows are already made when they’re Ironhead…The payload just needs to be added but, it’s part of the Poison Arrow recipe now…so I included it.

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